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Useful Tools: Learning Mandarin 学习中文好工具!

I've been revising with E and C regularly especially on their Chinese homework, as this is one language that they have rather weak fundamental. My fault for not emphasize enough when they were younger.. :P

Anyway, fret not, I'm here to share a good news. Whether you are Chinese-literated or not, it doesn't matter. I have found some really useful apps and websites that will help in teaching little ones on mandarin reading and writing, and best of all, they are absolutely free! ;-)

Yes-Chinese.com 习字笔画好帮手
It's all about precision when it comes to writing mandarin words. A stroke must be straight, a hook must not be too long. Urrghh, I find it frustrating even I've pretty good command of mandarin myself >.<

So I let them practice using pre-printed words with the strokes in sequence. This site is really amazingly friendly and easy to use. Just type the word (using pinyin) and it will auto generate the word for you in nice writing boxes (you can choose the box size, small / medium / large)

Try it out now by clicking here > yes-chinese.com

The only downside- it doesn't work on mobile phone as it requires installation of the Adobe flash plugin. Make sure you install m that for your web browser before you can use this function.

字宝宝 Zhi Bao Bao
An Apple App which you can download from store for free (with in-app purchase that can be annoying, but well, it's free so can't complain). 字宝宝 is our on-the-go app to practice for all the mandarin spelling, it's especially useful for E. He just need a quick 3-5 min revision for all the words and he's ready for his spelling test.

Google (Photo) Translate 谷歌翻译(摄像功能)
Available on App Store or website, this amazing app allows you to just snap a picture of the word (work best with printed words instead of handwriting), and it helps you translate the word and the sound instantly. It's it wonderful?

Snap a pic, highlight the words with your finger.

Ta-da, the pinyin, sound & meaning are given. See the little camera icon? Click that to use this photo translate feature.

Pleco 鱼. 电子字典
This app is ideal for elder kids who can use dictionary independently. It allows you to search the word (字) / nounce (词)in mandarin or pinyin, and give you the meaning plus sample usage or sentence. This is almost as good as an actual dictionary.

Come standard 2, they started learning to form sentences which will get them ready for essay writing in standard 3, hence i find this app comes in ready handy.

Search with nounce(词句), gongzuo 工作, and all possible words are listed.

Search with single word, gong, and all words with similar pinyin are listed out. Easy huh?

There are other useful functions such as searching the historical words, clipboard reader (just paste the copied words) etc, do take some time to explore when you are using it, if you wish (I stick to the basic functions :))

HSK Vocabulary Flash Cards 翻字卡
If you have spare time and would like to introduce new words to the young schooler, you can download this apple App which comes in different levels of difficulty (HSK1 is the lowest, follow by HSK2 and so on so fort).

It allows you to flip through the eCards and play the voice.  

It has a test setting that allows testing of the little one to find the right words based on the words read out. C loves this test.

That's all folks. Hope you find the above helpful & do share with me and the other readers if you have other good tools to suggest too.. I have yet to find any good tools for teaching bahasa, so please do share with me if you know of any! ;-)


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这次要介绍的,是我个人很喜欢的中文绘本系列之一。由知名德国儿童书籍作者 Axel Scheffle在 2012 编写的绘本故事,故事内容活泼有趣,加上生动的插画,小孩子很容易可以想象并融入波西和皮普这两对活宝的生活。(注:Axel Scheffler来头不小,他可是英文儿童文学著作Gruffallo的插画家喔!)










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Thursday, February 2, 2017

{Birthday Special} The Exciting Eight!

We held a celebration for E's 8th birthday as he was really looking forward for one. We had not organized any birthday party for him since he was 6yo, just small celebration with the family. So this time, I thought, why not give him a wonderful  memory, since he had made some really good friends at school and they could all had some jolly good time together.

So I drafted a simple party plan, worked out the invitee list with E, designed the party theme & food list; there after setup the kids table, decorated the place. So here they are, the beautiful moments captured..

First, we had the invitation card ready.. He hand delivered to his friends at school, with so much pride.

Then we did some simple decoration around the house... Noticed the blue & gold birthday garland on the curtain rails? E had been urging us to hang them up since a week before the party and he was so excited when Big Guy finally put them up..

We prepared quite a variety of party food. Some were homemade like the tuna & salmon sandwiches, peach jelly, chocolate dipped strawberries, fried longevity noodles, red eggs, cut fruits and ..... The L size Number "8" Race Track Chocolate Cake, my very proud creation which made him smiling from cheek to cheek. Btw, notice the resemblance between this cake and the invitation card? That's where I got my inspiration. ;-)

Took me the entire Saturday morning to prepare this cake, from baking to layering to piping and decorating. It's really rich & moist that in fact, I would think this' the best chocolate cake I have ever baked and tasted really good! :D 

In case you would like to give it a try, you  may refer to the making and recipe in my food blog here, Food4LittleOnes' Super Moist & Easy chocolate cake

Apart from the home cooked, I've also ordered some delicious food in fear that there won't be enough to serve all the guests (but in the end we had too much and everyone get to bring some food home!). We had satay, fruit tarts, mango Rosetta and the famous Tangling nasi lemak with chicken rendang & rempah (herbs) served in banana leaf. All my kind of favorite food! Lol..

I simply love this 3 tier turquoise serving tray, colorful and easy to store - just stack them up will do. These lovely tarts were delivered fresh that very morning by the lovely homebaker, do drop me a message if you would like her contact.

Another Dessert Stand. E helped to prepare these sandwiches.. He had been volunteering a lot for this party as he knew mommy had no other helper, so  how could I resist this little boy's wish for a small birthday party? :)

The marshmallow stand which was quick to setup yet so popular with the kiddos. You can find this styrofoam cake dummy in most baking supplies store, comes in varies sizes and shapes (round or square or rectangular)

Birthday song singing time, surrounded by all the buddies and his little sister.. 

He was beaming in pride when he cut the cake, seems like he enjoyed being the center of attention at the party. He knew it's his day and in fact he played a good host by taking good care of his friends.

Coincidently, there's a children art contest at our community center on the same day, so we brought all the kiddos there to had some fun. Surpsingly, E got 3rd prize in the 8-10yo category with RM50 cash prize and some sponsored goodies. Not bad at all!

In the meanwhile. little C won consolation prize for her beautiful coloring too.. Well done my little C :) 

When party was over, the duo helped to clean up and E could not wait to open up all his presents... He's wearing his new Superman cap and assembling his brand new Lego city toy. He just could not concealed his excitement..

When making the no. 8 race track cake, there were quite so extra cake crumbs and chocolate ganache left, so I made some cake pops and we had a pleasant celebration with our little boy the night before the party, which was the actual birthday.

It really warmed my heart to see his joyous smile. He hugged and thanked me when the party was over, I knew that very day had left a significant stamp in his life journal (or if I were to borrow "Inside Out"'s term, a core memory was created), and it honestly made my day, too. 

May you be blessed always, my little captain E. Stay healthy, stay happy, stay wise, that's mommy's simple wish for you.


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Monday, January 30, 2017

{CNY Special} Cheongsum for my bunny...

It's been a yearly tradition that I will custom made Chinese New Year cloths for my little girl. This Rooster year, has no exception too.

My first attempt with Cheongsum started 3 years ago when I was learning to sew with Google tutorials (yes, Google). Being a total novice, I had only made some baby dresses & accessories, yet was daring enough to try out making Cheongsum. It was obviously amateur work, you may see the grey polkadot Cheongsum here (diy baby cheongsam) or the chuckle and scallop Cheongsum here (mad about cheongsam)

Then, a year later I became bold and was attempting few vintage dresses that I came across while window shopping, or browsing online. I made a total of 3 pieces with my self-made pattern and the square neck red polkadots remain one of my favorites till today. You can see them all 

Came last year, I decided to go hybrid. I made one piece of Cheongsum (with a cuteness overload pink kitty fabric!) and some English dresses which I have pretty much mastered by now (or so I love to think so :)). You may view the handmades here (cny special petite spring dresses) or just as shown below..

Finally, this year. Despite I was tied up with work, I managed to push my lazy bones to produce 2 Cheongsum that i am pretty satisfied with, with high collar and long zipper to easy fitting. My little bunny absolutely loved her new CNY dresses and was proudly parading around. :))

The first Cheongsum. Love the lollipop and candy prints on this fabric. Bought them from US Joanne store years ago and finally put it to good use. This modern print gives an interesting twist to an otherwise ordinary Cheongsum pattern.

I added a candy button on the back of the dress for some extra cuteness. :)

Here's the second dress, using Michael Miller designer fabric combined with silver tutu skirt as bottom. I love using 100% designer cotton as they are soft & comfy even after many washes. I decided to use contrasting grey bias tape and I thought it turns out pretty nice, doesn't it? ;-)

The Accesorries 
Notice the colorful zipper? They give some fun feeling to the dresses. I found the knot buttons for RM10 for 3 pairs at the local sewing supplies store and have successfully used up 2 pairs. Thank goodness I have hoarded lots of fabric and have few yards of reds available. I still have some beautiful Sarah Jane and Micheal Miller fabrics that I am keeping for later use. They are just so adorable that I could not lay my scissors on them. I just took them out of the box, admire, then store them back again. Silly, I know.. But I could not help it. :P

Oh, and if you like to have some handmade buttons with matching fabric, you can buy the manual button maker from daiso for just RM5.30, comes in various sizes and refills.

The Design 
The Cheongsum design was inspired by this knit Cheongsum that Big Guy bought from the store. I used it as a base to trace the pattern and added 2" extra on the sides since I'm using non-stretchable cotton fabric. It is quite easy to make, really, took me about 4 hours to complete each of the dress and each requires about 1 yard of fabric and 1 pack of bias tape.

That's all folks. If you love sewing and is an amateur like me, I encourage you to keep trying and don't feel intimidated. Just start off first with some cheaper fabric and when you have gathered enough confidence (through enough trials),only then move on to your beautiful fabric collection.

All the 9 CNY dresses I've made for the my little C, which is your favorite? :)

Keep calm and keep sewing..


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Friday, December 30, 2016

3D2N Okinawa Fun Trip 3天2夜完美冲绳之旅

Okinawa 冲绳, or better known as Ryukyu 琉球 to the locals, is the most far south city of Japan. Known as the Hawaii of the Asia, it has beautiful weather whole year long. Even thought it's winter and snowing in most cities of Japan now, it's only about 17°-24°c in Okinawa, perfect weather for traveling with kids.

We arrived Okinawa on the earliest flight via Vanilla Air 香草航空 at around 8:10am (another budget airline to consider is Peach Air). We woke up at 3:30am and departed for airport at 4:10am - we stayed a night in TaoYuan district which is about 20min away from the airport. It's tortuous, but we got to start the day early. (In fact there are other choice of airlines, scroll to the end for flight options)

Picture collage to sum up out Okinawa impression..

Shurijo castle at the far end. 路边随拍也那么美


What a lovely weather..

It's definitely winter 秋意浓(明明是冬天呀)

Beautiful sight on the driveway. 美丽街影

To give a better perspective, here's a map-view of the area within Okinawa that we managed to cover. As you can see there are many castle / castle ruins in Oki, and we only managed to cover one of them :) 冲绳的完整图,打勾处就是我们有经过的景点。
 Source: www.japan-guide.com

• OTS car rental OTS租车
Upon arriving at the airport , the OTS worker welcomed us at the airport and brought us to the OTS car rental office which is about 15min away. After being briefed by the friendly English speaking officers, we picked up our Toyota Estima and select the child seats which came free! 

Tips: there are several car rental options in Okinawa, but from my research OTS is the best option which has multi-lingual speaking staffs, variety choice of cars (we needed 8 seater to fit our luggages and 4 adults + 2 kids), and best of all, GPS and child seats are all included for FREE. Just have to pay slightly extra for insurance package. Besides, the most amazing trick that you must know - book from its English site for best price (or you would really regret ;))

BTW, you may want to buy the attraction entrance tickets here as they are offered at a discounted rate. We got the Chirunim Aquarium, Busena glass observatory / glass bottom boat.

Kids were addicted to the robot in the store. Just call "Pepper", and it will engage in a proper conversation with you. Totally impressed! 好聪明的机械人,懂得和我们用日语和中文沟通呢!

Our handsome ride!

Address: 3-37 Toyosaki, Tomigusuku, Okinawa Prefecture 901-0225, Japan
Phone: +81 98-856-8877

Visit their website here or you can compare others here

Day 1

• Makishi Public Market 新鲜鱼市
This is the local market that is patronaged by the locals. It has rows and rows of small shops selling fresh fish, veggies, dried seafood, Souveniors and with plenty of eateries and cafes to offer. You could just order the fish, fresh, and they will serve the sashimi fresh for you! Items here are priced reasonably but you really have to speak Japanese in order to place your order here :)

They love floral pattern shirts here 花绿绿的衣服 :)

The handmade coffee shop, this is the standard size of store..

The eatery with a really small kitchen but great grilled meat to offer!

What should we order? hm...

Hmm.. oishi desu! 烧烤物

Hang out place by the locals
One of the local specialities - sweet potato ball 当地著名的紫薯球

The sea jelly, a local's favorite as I read

You may learn more about Makishi market here

Shurijo Castle 琉球古代皇宫
Shurijo Castle was the palace of the Ryukyu kingdom, it is also a world heritage that is built over 500 years old. Shurijo Castle was destroyed during the war of Okinawa back in 1945, and was beautifully reconstructed and restored to its current state.

Simply love the beauty of the architecture and the surreal surrounding, such a photogenic place.

He's definitely excited :)

Beautiful skyline 

The duo busy getting stamps

Can you find E?

The sacred forest is behind these rustic wooden doors. 

Welcome to the palace.

At the observatory deck on top of the hill.

My little travelers 

My favorite spot - the ancient tree with its perturbing roots
The full view of the Shurijo palace
Source: www.Japan-guide.com

Address: Address: 1-2 Shurikinjocho, Naha 903-0815, Okinawa Prefecturen
Entrance Fee: Free, unless you want to enter the main palace.
Learn more about Shurijo castle here

Kokusai Street 
A busy street bustling with tourists and stylo locals. One can easily find local food, trendy clothes,Souveniors and other entertainment here. 

Loud store-front everywhere 

The caramel butter smell led us to this store, simple heavenly scent! 年轮蛋糕

Snack shopping at Lawson (and I wonder why I put on weight this trip :~( 零食不断呀,救命!

One kawaii no kodomo!
The mouth watering Wagyu steak we had at one of the restaurant, simply melt in your mouth! 和牛牛排,烤半熟,溶在口里般好吃!

Okinawa ramen for the kiddos 冲绳拉面

Day 2
Busena Marine Park 海洋公园
Located on the north of Okinawa island, we drove along the most scenic coastal route to reach the marine park. There are several activities that you can do here:
- Underwater observatory tower 
- glass-bottom boat (or just take both ;)
- snorkeling 

You may spend some time at the sandy white beach while waiting for the free bus ride to bring you to the observatory tower.

Me & Mini-me ready to explore!

E and C excitedly collecting dead corals on the beach. 捡珊瑚去

The ocean of okinawa has 7 shades of blue, can you tell? 一片邑蓝色的大海

The boat we were on

Colorful tropical fishes and corals right beneath our feet. Non stop oohhh and ahhhh when school of fishes swam passed.

My dear sister and I 姐姐与我

Ticket price:
Adult >18yo ¥1,540
Students ¥1,230 (student card needed)
Children ¥770
(Cheaper if booked thru OTS)
Under 6yo free 

Address: 1744-1 Kise, Nago 905-0026 , Okinawa Prefecture
Phone Number: +81 980-52-3379
Read on more about the Busena Marine Park here

Lunch @ Daban Ramen 暖目拉面,九州第一豚骨拉面!
Well known as the best ramen in Okinawa (and in fact the best ramen we ever had), you can choose the softness level of the ramen, the pungent level of the soup, and order is placed thru the vending machine.

Rekka ramen, hot but not super hot to me..

Hanjyuku Nitamago Ramen with extra Onsen 

Place your order thru this machine 

You can "custom made" your ramen.

Almost full house during weekday lunch hour 午餐时间人头满满

Each bowl cost between ¥750-¥900 and you can add-on as you wish. 

Address: 沖縄県名護市東江5-10-36
Phone: 098-043-5503
It operates from 11:00-02:00, so you can even come for late night supper.. Visit their website here for more info (there are 5 different stores in Okinawa alone!)

Churaumi Aquarium 美丽海水族馆
The second largest aquarium in the world and the name literally means "beautiful ocean". We spent nearly 2 hours here admiring the vast variety of tropical marine life such moon jelly fish, coconut crabs, guitarfish and the main attraction of the aquarium - the Whale Sharks. It very much reminded me of the open ocean aquarium in Finding Dory.

Shark feeding time, C was so awed by it

Happy snapping photos to share with daddy later

Whip corals.. totally new to me

The mongroove

Don't forget to get some souvenir from the vending machine, totally worth it! 绝对值得拥有的手信

Free photoshoot the entrance (optional), C got all excited with the flower loop... Lol

Ticket price:
Adult >18yo ¥1,800 (¥1,600 thru OTS)
Students ¥1,230 (¥1,100 thru OTS)
Children ¥600 (¥550 thru OTS)
Under 6yo free 
Family pass 2adult +2 children ¥4,950 (¥3,950 thru OTS)

Address: 424 Ishikawa | Okinawa Memorial Park Ocean Expo Park, Kunigami-gun, Motobu-cho 905-0206, Okinawa Prefecture
Phone Number: +81 980-48-2741
Visit their website here

  Dinner @ Captain Kangaroo

Surprisingly delicious burgers, juicy, tender and flavorful! I was skeptical at first when my nephew suggested us to eat burgers in Japan, but.... the taste just totally blew me off! The serving was pretty big, so I would suggest to order on sharing basis. Try all possible flavours! :)

Address: 183 Umusa | Nago-City, Nago 905-0006, Okinawa Prefecture
Contact: +81 980-54-3698
Operating Hour: 11:00 - 20:00

Read more review here

• Chatan American Village 美国村
When you see the colorfully lited Ferris wheel, you know you have reached the America village. It is quite a huge establishment full of neon lights and glittering displays. I nearly forgetten I was in Japan :)

Drinks vending machines are available everywhere on the island 

Note: I would recommend visiting American Village and AEON mall on the same day due to the close proximity. 

Address: Mihama, Nakagami-gun, Chatan-cho 904-0115, Okinawa Prefecture
Read on more here

Day 3

Shopping @ Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom AEON购物中心
We had breakfast in the accommodation with Family Mart's food - dorayaki, banana cake, Onigiri and instant ramen. One can never get hungry in Okinawa as there are basically a convenient store or a vending machine in every corner. It's either Lawson, Family Mart or Hi-Life (but no 7-11)

Then we moved on to Aeon Mall, the largest shopping mall in Okinawa that is simply H.U.G.E. The car park is free and with ample parking bays available, we spent about 2.5 hours shopping there and it's simply not enough.

We ordered tame set at the food court, simply yum!

Ramen Kairikiya @ Aeon Mall

The shashimi I had was so fresh that they simply melt in your mouth.. 超好吃超新鲜的鱼生 (好想念…)

E enjoying his ramen..哥哥爱上了拉面


Aeon's kids departmental store is truly a heaven for kiddos. Just walking around the mall already got uson exaggerated    mode. If we did not watch our time, we could have really missed our flight.. *sweat*

Met giant Totoro at the donbiri store..

Lots of Doraemon!! 小叮当!

Tips: make your purchase in the Aeon store and you will be entitled to tax refund (on the spot) if total purchase is above ¥5,300. The bags (Anello), facial products, cosmetics products and kids stuff here are really worthy buy (how I wish I had exchanged more money!). We didn't had a chance to visit the electronic appliances store but was told the selection are aplenty too.

Address: 4 Gaiku, Gaseirijigyoku, Ikinai, Awasetochi-ku, Nakagami-gun, Kitanakagusuku-son 901-2300, Okinawa Prefecture
Phone Number: +81 98-983-8888
Visit their website here

Accommodation 住宿
We stayed at an apartment named Weekly Harbourview Mansion, which is about 10 minutes walking distance from Kokusai Street and comes with onsite parking.

We had the apartment to ourselves - bathroom (with bathtub), toilet, kitchen, dining table, bedroom and a living hall that can convert into sleeping space at night with the mattresses provided. What I like most? It's ta-ta-mi style just like what I used to read in Doraemon's 小叮当 comic! 

The apartment is well equipped with kitchenette- stove, oven, toaster, rice cooker, microwave and all the cooking utensils. It also has a washing machine and balcony for laundry drying. Alternatively, just use the laundry room on the ground floor for drying.

The staffs are very friendly, however there is only 1 English speaking staff so it would be quite a challenge to reach them via phone call.

My rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Cost: ¥27,800 (including ¥670/day for parking)
Visit their booking site here

There are other places of interest that I have missed this round due to the tight schedule.  Should I be revisiting Okinawa in future, I would like to pay a visit to the Pineapple Land / fruitland, the ONNA village, go whale watching, snorkeling, explore more locat eatery and allocate more time for shopping at the Aeon Mall :))

Before "signing off", let me show off my loads from Okinawa and Taiwan :)

Can you spot the number of Totoro I have?

Mini doriyaki with red beans and chestnut fillings that we brought back from Okinawa for breakfast, E and mine's absolutely favorite! (Doraemon too!)

Planning your Flight to Okinawa
The option is a plenty, really...
• Taiwan > Okinawa (AirAsia, JAL, EVA Air and more)
• HongKong > Okinawa (HK Airline, China Eastern, Peach)
• Shanghai > Okinawa (China Eastern, Peach, Korean Air)
• Tokyo > Okinawa (JAL, ANA)
• Bangkok > Okinawa (China Airline)

For connecting flights to Okinawa, you may choose between 2 budget airlines, Vanilla Air or Peach Air.

Info above is correct at the time m this post is written, please don't held me responsible any discrepancies due to airline changes later.. ;)

Essential Japanese Words
You should really learn some basic japanese before visiting Japan. Local folks tend to be friendlier if you try to communicate using some basic Japanese.

Hello 嗨

Nice to meet you 你好

How are you? I am fine 你好吗?我很好
Ogenkidesuka? Watashi wa genkidesu

Good morning, good night 早安,晚安
Ohayō, oyasuminasai

Kid 小孩

Where is the toilet? 厕所在哪里?
Toire wa dokodesu ka?

Where is this? 这是哪里?
Kore wa dokodesu ka?

How much is this? 这多少钱?
Kore wa ikuradesu ka

Do you know English? 你会英文吗?
Eigo wa wakarimasu ka?

I don't understand Japanese 我不会日文
Watashiwa nihon go wagarimasen

Prawn, crab, chicken, beef, vegetable, fruits, water, rice 虾、螃蟹、鸡、牛、菜、水果、水、饭
Ebi, Kani, chikin, bīfu, yasai, kudamono, mizu,-mai

That's all folks, thanks for reading. Please feel free to LIKE, comment and SHARE my page on your Facebook page so your friends would benefit from this post and future posting too (just so you know, I'm a travel addict mom, so do check out other travel posts too ;)

*disclaimer: some of the photos above are credit of my sister who kindly shared them with me (being with 2 kiddos I did not managed to snap as many photos as I wished)

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