Wednesday, June 24, 2015

TTDI Park, Ideal Place for Family Outing!

I took a day off work and decided to suprise the kiddos - I picked them up after school and they were super excited to see mommy turned up at the gate instead of grandma.. What's more? I declared it's play time at the park!

As I was driving towards the park, the duo were singing aloud at the back,
"We're going to playground... 
We're going to playground...."

So easy to make them happy. :)

Taman Tun Dr Ismail Park, aka TTDI Park, or Taman TTDI, is located at a quiet housing area nearby to the 1 Utama Shopping Center (about 10-15 minutes from 1 Utama and 25 minutes from Mt Kiara via car). To my suprise, it is very clean and well maintained with lush greenery, equipped with many seats, benches and is kids friendly - most paths are accessible via stroller.

It was a scenic walk around the park with a large lake in the center. We saw a monitor lizard the size of a beagle swam in the lake around, I have hardly seen one roaming free these days and that sent all the kids screaming.. Lol.

The workout area near the entrance. Suitable for adults or old folks.

The playground which seemed to be under going expansion (there was construction work in progress), the kiddos couldn't wait to play and they had the playground all to themselves!

E working out his strong arms...

Then we proceed to the stream nearby, to our surprise it is full of tiny fishes and water lilies. A group of home schooling kids were there for a site visit and E asked for permission to join them and shared their fishing net. 

It's a slow and shallow steam so pretty safe for kids to explore.

Making new friends...

First time fishing real fish.. Anxious..

Patiently waiting for the fish to appear..

Caught one super tiny fish! Never the less it's their first ever catch, hurray! (we let it back to the water soon after, no life was lost ;)

We saw a hanging bridge behind the cascading waterfall, but as it was getting late we decided to explore it in our next visit.

As we were ready to leave, the duo raced down the jogging track with the other kids. All breathless and laughing loud when they reached the gate, before they bid each other goodbye. It was a lovely afternoon, I'm glad we had that impromptu visit and we will definitely be back! This time, it will be with our picnic gears...

Useful Info..
Operating Hour: 6am-9pm
Admission: free
Parking: available on site (limited) or park at the road side.
Getting there: search for Taman Tun Park on your GP, direction here

• TTDI Park is popular with the locals especially on weekdend, so come early so you will get an on-site parking. Otherwise, weekdays will be better choice.

• There is an artisan cafe at the nearby shop houses, Thurvsday (next to the Presto supermarket). The setup is not exactly child friendly but they serve real coffee and it's nice place to enjoy a peaceful afternoon. 

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  1. Just a note to readers to take note.

    We revisited the park few weeks later and discovered the stream was murky probably due to the lack of rain water. Besides, one side of the walkway (near to the Kiara Park) had a lot of monkeys which could be quite a nuisance. So please bring an umbrella or walking stick in case any monkey approaches you or your little ones.