Children Book Review

PH's Children Book Review

Good Books are worth sharing! We have tons of books in the house, in our living hall, bedroom, playroom, in the car or even in my handbag. Books is one investment that I will never regret making as I hold strongly to the believe where reading the best way to acquire knowledge for young and old. Like the wise men said...

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”  
- Sir Richard Steele

"A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people." 
- Will Rogers

Here is the list of books that I have read with my kiddos and think are worth recommending to others.

Probably one of the cutest books you can find. It helps little ones discover their strength, that they can be small but important too...
Recommended for: 3Y - 7Y

The Gruffalo
Interesting read-aloud book for the preschooler with beautiful graphics.
Recommended for: 3Y - 7Y

On a Beam of Light: The Story of Albert Einstein
To teach the preschooler on great inventors and leaders of all time.
Recommended for: 5Y+

The Adventures in Cartooning
Perfect for young (or not so young) readers who love to doodle and draw. A book too good not to be missed!
Recommended for: 5Y+

Ideals for early reader who loves to read, the rhymed text and beautiful illustration will keep them ask for more.
Recommended for: 4Y+

Ideals for preschoolers or kindergartners who are have lots of how, why, where, who? 
Recommended for: 3Y+

The book for preschooler who wants to know more about our world..
Recommended for: 3Y+

All About Star Wars (Collection of books)
Children books about Star Wars, something for the little ones and the parent who are Star Wars fan. 
Recommended for: 3Y+
I have found just the right book to teach my little ones about places and the world. This board book is simple to understand by taking the child from a small location (room, house, street) to bigger (state, country) and eventually to the whole world (the globe we live in).

Recommended for: 3Y+

The illustrative children board book perfect for preschoolers to learn about their emotions and feelings. For parents facing challenge with a Terrible Two or little ones who tend to throw tantrum unreasonably, this book may helps them to understand their feelings and express it better the next time..
Recommended for: 2Y+ 

The beautiful pictorial book that discourages little ones to eat unhealthy snacks. Available as e-book or hardcover print.
Recommended for: 3Y+ 

Watch out for more!

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