Thursday, January 16, 2014

Picnic @ Lake Garden KL, Such a Gem!

For my little boy's birthday, we got him a new bicycle which he had been dreaming for since awhile ago. So on his birthday, we brought him to the bicycle shop, let him pick the design and accessories he likes & our little handsome was superbly happy for the entire day! 

We had agreed to take him for picnic and at the same time, let him test ride his new bike in open space. After some research I decided to go Lake Garden, which is also known as KL Botanical Garden, Taman Botani Perdana, 湖滨公园. It's located in KL city center, nearby to a lot of other touristy attraction such as KL bird park, Butterfly Park, National Planetarium and the National Monument (Tugu Negara). You can easily find this place using Google maps or Waze.

I must admit I was being skeptical of the good reviews I read. As a Malaysian I don't maintain high expectation on cleanliness and facilities provided in our public parks, it just seems to me many of the city dwellers here don't quite care about cleanliness at all. You would know why I was so pessimistic if you live in this city long enough... *sigh*

However, visit to the Lake Garden totally changed my view. It is really a hidden jewel in the city! Best of all, it's a totally free outings: no entrance fee, no parking charges.. We only paid RM3 for two ice creams for the entire trip. I can't comment much about the food provided at the cafe since we packed our own food and picnic under the shade. 

That. felt. great.

Now, let me tell you what impressed me about this place..

• Complete with 2 large children playground, with multi-tiered slides, hanging bridges, see-saws, children friendly tunnels, the playgrounds can easily accommodate 50 children at one time without feeling cramp.

• it's called Lake garden for a reason - it has a lake that runs along the entire park, while the water is not exactly that clean (the jade green color suggested high algae population), there is a nice layout of pedestrian walk & cycling track that run along the lake, allowing kids to cycle, scooter & jog around freely. There are at least 4 bridges and lots of trees that shaded us from the hot sun. Walking around at 11am was not as hot as we expected. However crossing the bridge with our stroller was quite a challenge, we carried the stroller and bike to cross the bridge. Other than that, it's really a stroller friendly place. 

• Trees & plants are really well taken care of, fallen trees were not discarded but were blended into the landscape design which look naturally amazing. It shows the park is managed by environmental friendly people who respect the nature, and for this they gained my respect!

• Aplenty of picnic locations to choose from. Under the giant tropical trees, next to the playground overseeing the kids, gazebo in front of the pond (with water fountain and allows fish feeding), or just simply any of the island connected by the bridges. Just bring along your own mat if you wish to sit on the grass. 

• All the trees are well labeled with their names, making it a great place for little ones to learn about the tropical plants. I intend to bring my duo again and this time, we shall collect leaves of different kind and use them for artwork.

5 star cleanliness, we hardly see rubbish around. There are plenty of thrash bins around the park so I believe that had help tremendously to discourage littering. The public toilet (which they charge RM0.20 per entry) was clean and pleasant too, however I don't recall seeing a diaper change station.

In short, it very much reminded me of the relaxing time we had in the Kensington Gardens of London, Royal Botanical Garden of Melbourne or even the Avon River in Christchurch, however the major different is the tropical weather which is humid and hot that makes you sweat.

Ok enough of blah blah blah, I trust I have said enough to have you convinced. (Say yes please... Thank you). Now allow me show off what I've prepared for the picnic.

I spent about an hour to pack these: food, drinks, mat, balls, mosquito repellent and sunblock. Notice the little vintage suitcase? It was from my Crabtree & Evelyn gift set, a lovely Christmas gift. I love how it gave an old school feeling to our picnic experience and my little boy looked like a little gentleman carrying it. (Yes, I admit I am old school... Although I still qualify to be a Gen Y, LOL)

All nicely packed in the little vintage suitcase.

Filled with fresh cut fruits, Hams & Cheese sandwiches, spaghetti in tomato sauce, nuts & raisins, butter cookies and fresh juices. Everything homemade, except the juices. Having them well packed allowed us to have a pleasant picnic without any mess. 

I brought along a plastic bag to keep all rubbish to ensure we do not leave any trash behind. Mostly recyclable material used here (let's do our bit to reduce unnecessary waste whenever we can..)

The graffiti paper cups for Princess, Little Captain, Hot Mama and Cool Papa (not in pic). Spontaneous art by mommy.

The duo had so much fun at the park. Running, cycling, climbing, crawling, rolling, munching, feeding fish, playing throw & catch, eating ice cream. Both left the place with rosy cheeks and big smiles. What a fruitful morning.  

My little handsome test riding his new bike.

Quality family time, priceless.

So, if you have no appointment this coming weekend, or wondering where to bring your kiddos or elderly, wonder no more, Lake Garden is a great place for young and old.

Shopping can wait, homework can wait, TV can wait, iPad can wait... But not the precious family time, childhood shall not be wasted. Let them run, let them play, let them sweat it all out & let's have some real gadget-free family time..

Psssss.... I'm on the mission to discover more picnic places in KL. So stay tuned and don't forget to "like" this Facebook page if you don't want to miss out the next post! 


Getting There
Jalan Kebun Bunga, Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening hours: 7:00am to 8:00pm.
No entrance fee
Visit their official website HERE, location map & other nearby vicinity obtained from the website

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  1. Do you need to ask permission from the people in charge there to hold a birthday party?

    1. Hi, much regret for my delayed respond as I had overlooked your comment. I don't see any notice sign was put up on gathering and such. However as courtesy for the other visitors, do ensure you clean up afterward and do not destroy any plants during your gathering. Cheers, PH

  2. Great read with much needed information, also looking for a great picnic spot in the hustle and bustle of the city ;D Thank you


    1. Not sure what is the size of your tent, but a kid size (IKEA as a reference size) shall be fine.

  4. hi just wanted to know, can we picnic here at night?

    1. Hi, not too sure if that is allowed by the park, but would advise against it for safety reason; it can be quiet at night and not exactly safe.