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Glamping at Tambun Lost World

Let me be frank: when I first bought our Glamping package a month ago, I did not had much expectation of Tambun Lost World. I did check out the feedback on TripAdvisor and read many good reviews, however I thought it is just another water theme park and I am personally not fond of water sports. (However, subsequent pictures would proof me wrong :))

Turned out that our 2d1n experience at the park was a really pleasant one and I would certainly want to go back again; friendly staffs (except for the frontdesk experiof nice at the hotel which was quite a disappointment), well maintained park with lots of shade (love how they preserved all the old trees and have them blended into part of the theme park), loads of activities & a neat campsite, altogether delivered a wonderful experience for our family. 

Moments like this where's little ones roaming happily, simply priceless.

The view from our campsite taken during my morning walk. Tranquil.

The theme park, on the other hand, offers quite a good range of sports. It has a large water park for the kids, a huge wadding pool for youngsters and adults, a few hot spring pools, a man-made volcano over the hot tub and even a man-made waterfall with 3 hot pools with water temperature ranging from 37°c to 39°c each.

The biggest hit at the park would be the tube rides. E and C went totally ga-ga when they saw the large tube tunnels which offer the option of closed tunnel, semi-open, open tunnel or dark tunnel. We went on both days and took a total of 8 rides. Lol, not for the faint-hearted parents! 

When we had enough of Adrenaline rush, we rented a tube for RM6 (RM20 for deposit) and had a nice river cruise that took us around the park. We paused mid-way to visit the petting zoo.

Once we were all done with the water activities (wish I had time to take more photos), we took few rounds of the roller coaster rides, giddy wheels and there are pirate ship, marry-go-round too. C was particularly fancy of this one.

There is an "ipoh street" within the theme park that sells hawker food and drinks, so we got our snacks and juices whenever we needed to replenish our energy. Fairly priced I would say (slightly more expensive compared to the outside kopitiam for sure, but not cut throat prices)

As the night fell, we took the duo for the free bicycle rides near the park entrance (available between 7pm-10pm) and watched the percussion performance on the stage. We wanted to dip in the hot spring again at night but both E and C were exhausted from the whole day of activities, so we just went back to our camp to enjoy our barbecue dinner.

What is camping without barbecue right? We ordered the BBQ package with the staff earlier and they had it all prepared at our preferred time. We had 2 tubs of fried rice, 6 food skewers, half a dozen of chicken wings, 1 whole river fish in spicy sauce, 6 sweet potatoes, 8-10 marshmallows and 4 cans of cokes. All in for RM99. Quite a worthy package if you ask me. :)

It has to be the zip line, or flying fox which took us from one end of the Boga lake to another end. E and I tried it together and it was really fun! Not scary at all, just fun.
There are quite a number of activities that we did not try due to the limited time, such as the swan boats, kayaking (free for glamping guests), horse riding, catopia (lots of big, furry cats), tiger feeding show, the cave. Well, we can leave those to the next visit. 

I received a number of questions about glamping, so let me share my replies here:

What is Glamping?
Short for "glamorous camping", it is a readily built tent with modern amenities hence making camping a much easier and comfortable experience. As the duo had always been asking us for a camping experience & they love water play, I thought Tambun Lost World would have been a good choice. I was proven right. They absolutely loved it!

What's inside the camp?
It's quite a spacious tent equipped with 2 single beds and 1 double bed, locker, fans and lamps. Perfect for family of 4 or a group of 4 adults. We have a shared bathroom, which is about 500m away, it's clean and brightly lighted.

Were there lots of mosquitoes or bugs?
No, bugs can't enter as long as you keep the zip tightly closed, so not to worry. Unless if you leave the tent wide open! :)

Is it safe to stay in a tent?
We were provided with a locker and pad lock to lock up the tent when we leave to the park. Fairly safe I would say, but it would not be the same compare to staying in a locked hotel room. So, make your own choice wisely ;)

Was it hot in the camp?
No. On the contrary, it is quite cooling at night with just 2 stand fans.

What's in the glamping package?
Our package is for 4 pax which includes:
2 days morning & night park entrance 
1 night glamping stay 
1 free breakfast at the Garden Terrance
Free access to kayak, zip line (which are charagble other wise)

Our breakfast at the Garden Terrace.

How can I get the package?
You can purchase directly through Sunway lagoon website, or get it through Traveloka (which has better offer)

The BBQ are not included in the package, we paid RM99 for a family package.

Was it scary to sleep in the dark?
Not if you leave the light on :)) However, personally I enjoyed the dim moonlight and the harmonious sound of nature. It's really depending on individual. If you are truly city folk who can't sleep without Aircond, then perhaps this may not be quite suitable for you.

Was the common bathrooms clean?
Yes, or at least it's acceptable to me. The bathrooms are separated from the toilets and are equipped with hot water, shower heads & hair dryer; shower amenities and towers are provided in the camp. 

Here's the exterior view of the bathrooms.

Why we choose camp over hotel?
Well, because the duo had been dying for camping experience, and I would very much love to expose them to nature (in a safe manner as I'm not ready for the real wild myself). At first they were scared with all the noise at night, but after awhile they found the "nature orchestra" calming and fell asleep quietly. 

That's all for my sharing, hope you find it useful and if you happened to book your glamping trip at Tambun, pls do share your experience with us!

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