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Often I come across educational products or books that I or my little Captain really like, since sharing is caring, for those that I thought is worth mentioning, I am posting them here for sharing.

Feel free to ask me more questions or share your feedback. Better still, do recommend other products that you have experienced and would like to share with the rest.

I shall be updating this column from time to time, so stay tuned peep!

Toddler Toys: Work the Motor!

Fun Toy: Musical Snail Pal 
A toy suitable for infant from 3 months onward, even the older kids will appreciate this, read on more to find out why!

Recommended for: 3M +

IQ Games: Work the Brain!

Smart Toy: Animal Safari
Fun to stack and balance, let the creativity goes all ways!

Recommended for: 2Y+

Ideal brain stimulation games for 4 years onward, it is addictive that even I cannot stop challenging myself to break all the master levels. And let me warn you, the master levels can be real nut crackers! ;)

Recommended for: 4Y +

A great game that trains the young brains to think out of the box. With only few blocks and a puzzle instruction book, the learning potential is huge with this game. Check it out to understand more yourself.
Recommended for: 3Y +

This game takes puzzle solving to a different level, where you are required to see the pieces beyond 2 dimensional view. Adult supervision will be required. Read more about it to find out! 

Recommended for: 3Y+

I would say this is the entry level among the AMINO or Smart Game as it is relatively easier compare to the rest. A good puzzle game to introduce to 2 years old onward, triggers the interest by allowing them to challenge a more achievable target.

Recommended for: 2Y +

Art & Craft: Cultivate the Little Monet!

Let the imagination run while, let's paint a rock! These two are the earlier version that we created, the kids surprised me later by creating more creative Rock Stars on their own. Read on more :)

Recommended for: 4Y+

Too busy to start crafting with your kiddos? Check out this ready solution in a box that is delivered to the doorstep.

Recommended for: 4Y+

Important Reminder:
The recommended toys and suitable age for each toy / game is solely based on my personal perception, it may differ from baby to baby or toddler to toddler as every individual has a different development path and preference. Besides, please note that while playing with any of the above recommended toys / game sets, adult supervision is required to avoid potential danger to the little ones and to encourage the learning ability at the same time.

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