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{Updated}The Ultimate Check List for Family Trip with Little Ones

Traveling with little ones and wondering what to pack? Here is our ultimate family travel checklist which I used whenever traveling with our kiddos. Having this checklist had kept me at ease knowing I left nothing important behind.

* Updated *
After our recent trip, I have enhanced this list to make it more comprehensive.
I have recently translated the list into Chinese. Yippee! :)

Or in case you prefer a printer friendly version, here you go.. I have no idea why but I can't upload a document. This seem to be the best I can do for now.

Chinese version 中文本版

Do Read On...

• The above list is based on a 2 weeks traveling with 2 little ones between 2 to 5 years old, a coffee addict mommy and a techie dad (and laundry facility available at our accommodation).  So feel free to modify according to your own needs. 

• You may exclude the GPS and iPad car holder if you won't be renting a vehicle, or you intend to rent the gadgets locally. 

• I included some product names as those were my trusted brands. Feel free to pick according to your own brand choice.

• I would recommend to declare the medicine and milk powder at the migration to avoid unnecessary problem. So far we have traveled to Asian and Western countries with the above list and no problem encountered. Besides, if you are traveling in spring time or blossom season, do consider bringing the spacer / inhaler for your little one if he or she have history of breathing difficulty cause by allergen.

• A travel guide book comes really handy if you loves travel free & easy style like us! While I did most of my travel destination research using online resources, having a printed travel guide gives some comfort especially when you do not have data connection in foreign land. My personal favorite is Lonely Planet, their books always come in full color prints, good organization and I love the short itinerary suggestions they often include for specific cities.

• Only bring minimal snack and cereal, you can always replenish the supplies the local supermarket - snack, fresh fruits, cereals, etc... Have a taste of the local.

ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS check the weather before travelling. We were lucky that we brought along kid-size raincoats for the little ones and foldable umbrellas for us. That saved us from the non-stop summer drizzle that just would not leave us alone... Daisy offers kid and adult size rain coat at only RM$5 each and the quality was ok (not superior but acceptable for multiple wears) 

• NEVER go travel without the kid's pouch. My duo had a Mickey & a Minnie pouch each filled with daily snacks and our name cards whenever we go overseas. Gifts from a good buddy and they are extremely handy. 

water proof foldable bag is extremely useful. I usually keep 2 in my bags at all time and can use for shopping, dirty clothings (somehow our little girl is quite a messy eater), the wet raincoats... Basically just anything ad-hoc.

stroller - if you are bringing one with you, would recommend not to check-in your stroller to avoid missing stroller (like us, which is a long story as we intended to check in!) you can bring the stroller to board the plane and the airsteward can help to put them aside and return to you upon landing. Much hassle free that way.

IMPORTANT to note.. on traveling to United States.
From my personal traveling experience, US is one of the countries with most stringent and unfriendly immigration officers who practically checked everything and most officers I've encountered were rather, unfriendly (for the better term of rude). As I only travelled there when I was single, I can't confirm that the above listed items will be deemed accepted by he US immigration department or custom, so appreciate feedback from parents who had brought their little ones there.

Missed out from the Checklist...
Few items that were considered but excluded from the above list as not required for us, but you may want to consider:

• Travel Visa (country specified)
• Baby carrier 
• Baby Stroller
• Baby instant cereal packs (for infant or toddler under 18mo) 
• Pacifier (useful for ear discomfort during airplane take on/off)
• Diaper changing pad 

More Packing Tips...

• Use travel size shower gel / shampoo and seal them in a ziplock plastic bag to ensure no spillage. Recycle the free toiletries bottles from the hotel - just empty the content and refill with your big bottle of shampoo or shower wash! 

• If you are bringing formula milk, use the sealed refill pack so you won't face much trouble at custom (would recommend to declare at custom to avoid unnecessary problem). Besides, bring a clip-on and the spoon along for easy storage. Put them all in a ziplock bag and pack among your clothes in the luggage, just bring the normal travel milk container (enough for 2-3 feeding) with you when boarding the plane or traveling on the road.

The emergency pouch. Never ever leave home without it and make sure your partner knows where it is. I've got all the necessary gels , oilment, medicine in there and I hand carry it just in case I need them during the flight or in the waiting area. Just make sure no sharp objects in there.

Need More Idea?
Check out more about the Fun Bag (a.k.a. Busy Bag) to give you some ideas on what fun stuff to pack for little ones.

Keep Calm & Travel On. :)

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