Friday, June 17, 2016

Art Attack time.. Super Hero Family Standees

Father's Day is approaching, we don't usually have grand celebrating, but would like the little ones to show appreciation to their daddy. He's like a hero to them - the one who fears nothing, who always protects them, who knows almost everything, and the one who fixes any broken things at home. 
Hence, he deserves a "Super Dad" standee! (and a Super Mom made by C too, hehe)

I printed some super Hero drawings and let them choose which design they liked. Both chose their favorite and started coloring right away. They kept telling me, "I love this mommy!". Afterall, who wouldn't like making their own super hero? ;-)

Ta-da.. The artwork made by E, C and myself.

Here's the making:
1. First, find a super hero drawing and attach it on top a large rectangular shape (refer to pic above).
2. Color as you wish, then cut it out. 
3. Attach an ice cream stick on the reverse of the drawing as support, carefully bend the bottom of the stick (about 2") to form an L shape to help it stands.
4. Fold the base and glue onto the base of ice cream stick to form a triangular shape (see middle right picture on possible ways to make the stand)

The standee is done. ;-)

Happy Father's Day to all the super daddies out there!


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