Thursday, February 2, 2017

{Birthday Special} The Exciting Eight!

We held a celebration for E's 8th birthday as he was really looking forward for one. We had not organized any birthday party for him since he was 6yo, just small celebration with the family. So this time, I thought, why not give him a wonderful  memory, since he had made some really good friends at school and they could all had some jolly good time together.

So I drafted a simple party plan, worked out the invitee list with E, designed the party theme & food list; there after setup the kids table, decorated the place. So here they are, the beautiful moments captured..

First, we had the invitation card ready.. He hand delivered to his friends at school, with so much pride.

Then we did some simple decoration around the house... Noticed the blue & gold birthday garland on the curtain rails? E had been urging us to hang them up since a week before the party and he was so excited when Big Guy finally put them up..

We prepared quite a variety of party food. Some were homemade like the tuna & salmon sandwiches, peach jelly, chocolate dipped strawberries, fried longevity noodles, red eggs, cut fruits and ..... The L size Number "8" Race Track Chocolate Cake, my very proud creation which made him smiling from cheek to cheek. Btw, notice the resemblance between this cake and the invitation card? That's where I got my inspiration. ;-)

Took me the entire Saturday morning to prepare this cake, from baking to layering to piping and decorating. It's really rich & moist that in fact, I would think this' the best chocolate cake I have ever baked and tasted really good! :D 

In case you would like to give it a try, you  may refer to the making and recipe in my food blog here, Food4LittleOnes' Super Moist & Easy chocolate cake

Apart from the home cooked, I've also ordered some delicious food in fear that there won't be enough to serve all the guests (but in the end we had too much and everyone get to bring some food home!). We had satay, fruit tarts, mango Rosetta and the famous Tangling nasi lemak with chicken rendang & rempah (herbs) served in banana leaf. All my kind of favorite food! Lol..

I simply love this 3 tier turquoise serving tray, colorful and easy to store - just stack them up will do. These lovely tarts were delivered fresh that very morning by the lovely homebaker, do drop me a message if you would like her contact.

Another Dessert Stand. E helped to prepare these sandwiches.. He had been volunteering a lot for this party as he knew mommy had no other helper, so  how could I resist this little boy's wish for a small birthday party? :)

The marshmallow stand which was quick to setup yet so popular with the kiddos. You can find this styrofoam cake dummy in most baking supplies store, comes in varies sizes and shapes (round or square or rectangular)

Birthday song singing time, surrounded by all the buddies and his little sister.. 

He was beaming in pride when he cut the cake, seems like he enjoyed being the center of attention at the party. He knew it's his day and in fact he played a good host by taking good care of his friends.

Coincidently, there's a children art contest at our community center on the same day, so we brought all the kiddos there to had some fun. Surpsingly, E got 3rd prize in the 8-10yo category with RM50 cash prize and some sponsored goodies. Not bad at all!

In the meanwhile. little C won consolation prize for her beautiful coloring too.. Well done my little C :) 

When party was over, the duo helped to clean up and E could not wait to open up all his presents... He's wearing his new Superman cap and assembling his brand new Lego city toy. He just could not concealed his excitement..

When making the no. 8 race track cake, there were quite so extra cake crumbs and chocolate ganache left, so I made some cake pops and we had a pleasant celebration with our little boy the night before the party, which was the actual birthday.

It really warmed my heart to see his joyous smile. He hugged and thanked me when the party was over, I knew that very day had left a significant stamp in his life journal (or if I were to borrow "Inside Out"'s term, a core memory was created), and it honestly made my day, too. 

May you be blessed always, my little captain E. Stay healthy, stay happy, stay wise, that's mommy's simple wish for you.


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