Saturday, July 28, 2012

Creative Wall Decoration

Ethan often returned home from his preschool with some really nice artworks, I usually keep those art pieces in a translucent document case and once in a while, we will take them out and admire the works together.

One weekend morning, after Ethan finished painting the picture of a colorful dinosaur, which I thought was quite a beautiful work with creative use of colors, I decided to hang it up on the wall to let him know that it's a job well done - that was what my primary school teacher practiced back in those days, where nice artwork and writings were pasted high up on the classroom's notice board.

Ethan was busy pulling out all the art pieces and ran around decorating the wall with me. He was so proud of the wall that he called it the "Ethan's Wall". :)

I used a type of removable adhesive that can be removed easily without damaging the wall. It's called Tag It by Fable Castle. With a mere cost of RM4.00, both of us had a jolly good time that morning.

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