Friday, August 3, 2012

Grow A Plant Together

I bought a story book for Ethan recently called "Gus Grows a Plant", it's about a little hippo named Gus who planted a sunflower seed that eventually grew taller than him. To reinforce the understating on plant growing, I bought a packet of Sunflower seeds one weekend and invited Ethan to join me planting them. He gladly joint me just as I expected.

This is the book that inspired us to grow a sunflower plant together, what's yours?

Each morning before we leave home for work and school (or at night when we got home), we will check out the plant and Ethan will help to water them. He was extremely excited when he saw the little sapling popped out from the ground on the 3rd day. Each day, he will water the plant with me and proudly report to his daddy that his plants are growing taller.

So, what had Ethan learnt throughout this little activity?

He learnt that...
1. Little seed can grows into big plant, just like little kid can grow into big adult.
2. Plant needs constant water and sun, or they will die.
3. Ultimately, it is his responsibility to take care of his plant to ensure it grows each day.

Below are photos that show the growth of the plants. It is amazing to see how these little saplings had survived the rain and shine. I too, like my little boy, look forward for the beautiful sunflower one day!

Day 3 - The sapling popped out in the morning!

Day 4 - After a stormy night, we reinforced the sapling by putting small rocks around it.

Day 7 - growing well

Day 10 - Grew taller and more leaves now

Day 17 - growing taller each day

Day 28 - looking healthy!

Little handsome doing his duty..

Day 35 - some parts of the leaves were eaten by Insects, let's hope it survives..

Day 42 - Yay, it's budding!/td>

Day 56 - grew to 50cm tall and looking good !

Day 61 - The yellow petals peeping out.. So exciting!

Day 63 - Full blossom! Life is beautiful...

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