Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Educational Game: Castle Logix 趣智积木城堡

Castle building that brings fun with learning.

This is one long overdue post. I have captured the pictures for quite some times but never had time to sit down and get it posted.

Finally, here it is, a very interesting mental block building game called Castle Logix. It's a game that is suitable for kids from 2 years onwards, challenge the ability to see things from different angles and to think of a solution from different approaches.

It comes with an instruction book with 50 challenges ranging from Starter (really easy level), to Beginner, Expert and finally Master level (which is indeed quite challenging for young toddler). Come in a storage box the size of a Oxford dictionary (or Kamus Dewan) but squarish instead.

When I first introduced this game to my little captain, he was 2.5 years old, we were only doing the Starter level and I allowed him to follow the answer printed on the reversed side of the challenge. This is to let him understand what he is supposed to do and translate to put them blocks together according to the picture.

This is how the game works. Shown here is level 6, Starter.

Ta-da... He got it right at last!

Few months later he made some progress where he's able to complete the Starter level with little help from me. Then we forgot about it for awhile, when we finally continued, he remembered the rules well and started playing by himself, level by level.

Now at 4 years old, he finally reached the Expert level without needing my help. Look at the puzzles he managed to solve by himself. He was really feeling proud of himself after completing each challenge, and I never stingy on giving him the recognition he deserved - a clap, a praise and a hug sometimes.

And who says castle cannot be upside down? It really challenges the little mind to think out of the box..

This is a perfect game for a sunny afternoon as you can stay in door, so who cares about the hot burning tropics sun? ;)

He can play challenge after challenge up to 10 challenges at time. To increase the difficulty, I set a timer on my smart phone and he's consider a winner only if he completed the puzzle before the alarm rings. Pretty evil of me huh? But i believe that's one training on handling pressure. >:)

Now, I'm just wondering how long it will take for him to reach Master level, I can then retire this game until my baby girl is ready for it :)

Feel free to ask me any question about this games, I shall attempt my best to reply.

This game should be fun and encourages bonding between you and your little one. So if they cannot complete the challenge please give help and encouragement where possible instead of losing your temper. Every kids progress differently so please don't assert too much pressure unnecessarily and kill the fun of learning.

When my little boy got too frustrated (after several failed attempts), I'll step in to help and tell him it's ok if he doesn't know how, he just have to keep trying and one day he will learn.


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