Friday, March 1, 2013

Cut Paper Art with Ang Pao Packets 简易红包剪纸艺术

CNY is finally over, what did you do with your little ones' Ang Pao packets? Threw them away? Kept them for next year? Those were what I did in previous years, for this time, I decided to make some artwork with my little boy using his empty packets, a good chance to educate him the concept of recycle too :)

For those who do not celebrate Chinese New Year, it's a culture where kids or singles will receive Ang Pao (red packets) from the married couples. Usually after each CNY the little ones will received at least 50-100 Ang Pao each. That probably explains why most Chinese kids welcom CNY so badly huh... :)

Anyway, I kept the empty Ang Pao and told my little captain that we are doing to used them for artwork. And we did.

This is the result of our first Ang Pao artwork project - cut paper patched fire truck. I let him used child safe scissor to cut the angpao and glue them into the drawing of a fire truck that I drew (not very nice, I know, I was never a good artist :)

I was amazed by his creativity. He suggested to make a door that can flip opened, and a dustbin that can flip open too (he wanted to glue that in the truck but I convinced him to place it outside n stead...)

Just an ordinary piece of artwork but at least we had 30 minutes of fun time and he has something to stick into his creative wall. He also helped me cleaned up all the used paper afterwards. It's important to teach little ones to clean up their own mess if we don't intend to be their slave for life ;)

How I got this idea? Thanks to the artwork he did in his preschool. This was the school bus he brought home, looks much better than my truck..

I shall think of what art project to embark on next with the remaining of the pretty angpao packets we have... Seen here, are the selection if Ang Pao packets with the word "福", which means luck in mandarin. This is sure a lot of good luck for the whole year. :)

Look for more angpao packets art? check out the decoration we did for our Ang Pao tree here..

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