Saturday, October 26, 2013

DIY Craft: My First Shop! 小哥哥开店咯

I found some wood made fruits and vegetables for my little duo recently for them to play cooking. The duo were having so much fun playing little chef, my elder was busy taking my order, serving them while the younger sister just playing her own imaginary picnic it seemed.

The little chef decided to move the toys into his IKEA tent and opened up a store. He asked for last order before closing the shop at 5:00pm and request for payment after each meal is served. Looks like he learnt a lot during our recent trip. He even asked for my feedback, whether I like the food or not, love his professionalism spirit. :)

To make it feel more real, I made some DIY felt signages for hanging onto the tent. With this I won't have to buy him the children size kitchenette or work top, which will take up so much space at our already crowded home. 

Here's the shop. We named it Ethan's Cafe. He was so proud to be the owner, he flipped the sign to "open" and took my order almost instantly.

The cafe signage was made of thick felt and attached onto the tent with a button and elastic band.

Flip it over, and it's now Ethan's Auto Repair! He loves this idea so much as he gets to operate the type of shops he likes. I am planning to make a few more signages as he develops more interest in other area

The Open and Closed signs, both with giggling eyes for that fun factor. My little girl was really fancy of these eyes.

Here are the cut fruits and veges that I got for them, there is a small round Velcro on each piece to allow them to stick to each other, and can be easily "cut" with the wooden knife come with the set.

I got these with a good discount and the duo had real good fun for the past 1 week, so I would say these are worthy investment. 

Bread plate 

• Felt is commonly available in most craft supplies stores. They are usually sold in A4 sheet or a full yard and sewing is optional as you may use fabric glue to stick them together, I just prefer to add some stitches for the highlight effect.

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to post them here and I'll attempt my best to reply soonest possible.


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