Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tutorial: Little Bear New Jumper Suit (Re-Purpose from Socks!)

This is a simple 10 minutes craft and absolutely no machine required. Just a soft toy of your choice, scissors, thread & needle, and a clean old sock, smell free prefer!

I will just do a super quick post, as I have to run to do my laundry soon.

Tutorial for Teddy's Jumper Suit:

1. Find a pair of socks that still has the elasticity, wear it onto the soft toy and cut off with about 2cm extra in length.
2. Slit the middle to form a pant shape. Turn the sock over and sew a "V" line to form a simple pant.

3. Next cut off about 4cm from the remaining of socks, fold half and sew both ends together to form a ring, this wil be the straps for the jumper suit. Find 2 matching buttons too.

4. Now sew the ring on to the center of the front and the back of the pants. Sew on one button each as decoration.

5. Teddy's jumper suit is done. Since it's for soft toy I didn't bother to hem the edges. Just wear it onto the Teddy and adjust accordingly.

Ta-Da! A smart looking Teddy is now ready for cuddle..

I hope this tutorial is easy enough to understand, after all it's a spontaneous  craft that I did not planned for.

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