Saturday, December 20, 2014

{Repurpose} Little Dolly Dress from Daddy's Tee

Big Guy cleared up a big bag of old shirts from his closet and said its up to me what I want to do with them. I would like to "do something" indeed, but I just could not find time to work on it. There seems to be endless work and chores and things to do. If only I have 48 hours in a day, if only I can have a day all to myself, if only I am not so greedy to want to try so many things. If only.

Anyway, enough dreaming. Since the duo fell asleep early last night, I grabbed that chance to take a look into the bag, and found one of his Microsoft Tech Ed tee that he got in 2003. Haha it is old alright! But as that shirt was probably only wore once and very well kept, it looks good as new.

Inspiration strike, and I made this.

The Little Dolly dress.

My sweetie pie was extremely happy when she saw her new dress.

Would not stop dancing.

I added a pair of fluffy sleeves, these sleeves looks good on any girl's dress, like a little fairy who camouflages as little girl to bring us tons of happiness. 

I also added a butterfly appliqué in front to cover up the Tech Ed sign. It was an impromptu addition  but I thought it looks perfect, especially nowadays she is so fond of butterfly after we brought her to the Penang butterfly farm.

And this is the original shirt. Oh-so Booooring. :P

I folded it in half, traced according to her existing dress and I then bid good bye to the old Tech Ed shirt. You may noticed I traced the dress upside down as I thought It looks nicer with the leafy print at the bottom than on the chest.

Thanks Micorosoft for sponsoring this dolly dress for my sweetie pie. :)

So do you have any old T waiting to be re-discovered too? Hope this post give you some inspirations too. 

Stay calm and sew on.

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