Sunday, December 7, 2014

{Christmas Special} Little Pony Minky Blanket for my Little Guy, withTutorial!

I have been making Christmas presents for my little ones since I've picked up sewing as my secret hobby (although it is no longer a secret now..), I often started without an idea of what to make, until inspiration hit. Such as the  little matryoshka doll dress, the Christmas pajamas, the diy felt Christmas tree that works as sensory toy as well as decoration, or this convertible christmas felt playhouse that caused me weeks of sleepless nights.

This year, I got my inspiration when I saw the Minky fabric on sale. I have been searching for them with no luck but this time since they are within reach, I grabbed both red and blue Minky without second thought.

So for this year's Christmas, I have a new addition to the list of handmade gift for my kiddos.... Present to you, the Little Pony Minky Blanket in Blue.

I know it's meant for Christmas, but he could not resist when I showed it to my little fella. He loves hugging the ultra soft dotted blanket to bed, wraps it all around himself and rubs the dotted Minky like its his favorite soft toy. 

The little pony fabric embroidery sticker is a gift from my dear collegue Yuky, who brought it all the way home from her oversea trip. I have been keeping it in my craft treasury basket, you know, something this cute should pair with something special, and I finally found the right match.

The size is just perfect fitting for a single bed. I used 2 yards fabric each for the snowman and Minky fabrics. It costs a bit but after all this is one special handmade that money can't buy. I won't complain :)

See how perfectly it fits?

Interested to make one too? Here's the how-to!

Tutorial - Minky Blanket

1. Find 2 yards of the top and backing fabric of your choice. Believe it or not, this took me the longest compare to the rest of the steps, before I finally settled with my selection here.

2. Iron the cotton fabric to ensure its all smoothed out.

3. Cut the fabric to the desired size. Leave extra 1cm on all 4 edges of the backing fabric as it will be double folded for the sides. 

4. Using fabric pins, pin the wrong sides of the fabric together. This will helps to hold the fabric in place as you sew.

5. Now, time to start sewing. Best part of using Minky is that the dots on the fabric serve as guidelines to sew without needing to make marking. I counted 7 dots apart for each lines. 

However, Minky can be a bit hard to control as it is very smooth hence slippery, so I would suggest you to use medium speed instead of your normal sewing speed.

To make it more manageable when sewing (as you get to the last half yard you will find it is getting increasingly difficult to control due to the sheer volume...), I rolled up the completed parts inch by inch as I progressed.

6. Now that you are done with sewing all the straight lines, time to work on the edges. Double fold all 4 sides to about 1cm width and hold them in place with fabric pins, then start sewing. 

7. That's it, you are done! Now feel free to make yourself a cup of hot coffee and admire your newly made blanket, or invite your kiddo to roll out it.

If there is any part of this tutorial that is not clear to you, feel free to pop a question or two in the comment box below. I will respond soonest I can.

Next is the red minky blanket for my little girl, that shall take awhile as I am planning to make patchwork again, the last  Autumn Love Baby quilt I made for her a year ago is way too small now, she is growing like a sprouting magic bean.

So, stay tuned.. Or you may add yourself as the Facebook fan or followed by email if you do not wish to miss out the update. ;)

I am so in the mood for Christmas! ⛄️

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