Saturday, January 24, 2015

{DIY Craft} Let's Go Fishing!

My duo love to play pretended fishing, I had to join them to be on a pretended boat (our bed), sail on a pretended sea (the floor), eat pretended fish (non existence). So I thought to make them a DIY fishing game since we managed to find some small magnets from the RM5 store, Daiso. I knew what to do with them the moment I saw them.

My duo totally IN LOVE with this gam. Played for over an hour. Played before lunch. After lunch. Before shower. After shower. Just non-stop fishing

But it's more than just a game.

Noticed all the colorful fishes? I used this game to train my 3yo little C's color recognition, counting and eye-hand coordination.

Here's how we play. I gave each of them a fishing rod. When I call out a color, they have to catch the fish in the right color, else they have to return it into the pool.

If the color of the catch is correct, the fish is theirs to keep. At the end of the game, they will count their catch and the one with the most fish, wins. I purposely made odd number of fishes so it's impossible to have a tie game. Hehe.

Wonder why I placed the fishes on a Lego board? I spun it around as if the fishes were moving around. This really made the duo super excited as it just got harder to make a catch. 

Next I intend to create a score chart, so each colored fish has a different score, this is for my 6yo captain E who is fascinated with mathematics, he loves it when I challenge him with arithmetic game.

Here's what you need to DIY:
• Felts (or cardboard cards)
• Rod (I used ballon stick before hub upgraded it to a proper stick)
• Strings or ropes 
• Paper clips
• Small round magnets (attach the string with glue or epoxy)
30 minutes of preparation, endless weekend fun. 

That's it. Let's go fishing!

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