Sunday, January 18, 2015

{Made By PH} CNY Spring Dresses for my Little Lady

It's a month away from Chinese New Year but I decided to start designing the CNY dress for my little lady early. It is a tradition to wear new clothes for the new year to signify a good beginning, or at least for the first few days of new year as CNY celebration lasts for 15 days, so I intended to make more than just one dress.

Last year I was all crazy over cheongsam that I made 3 sets for my little C, you can check them out here. This year, I decided to make her some petite spring dresses instead. I'm not driven by fashion trend, but instead let my inspiration drives my creation.

I have been searching online for the right patterns, but nothing that fits what I have in mind. So I decided to draft my own pattern this time. First 2 dresses were made with same pattern while the 3rd dress was a slightly modified pattern. Anyone is keen for a FREE pattern and tutorial? Please do put in your comment before I decide if I shall spend time on preparing the tutorial for the dress. In case you have not noticed,I have  been spending less time blogging nowadays as I wish to spend more time with my loved ones. There will be more random sharing on the Facebook page instead. 

Anyway, allow me to showcase the dresses.. Proudly made by PH. :)

🌺 The Spring Blossom Dress
This is a US designer fabric, a very loud print full of flowers but I am confident that she can carries it. I kept it simple as the fabric is the main attraction here. 

The dress looks so sweet on her, however I did not managed to take a photo as she grabbed my hands to dance with her right after putting it on.

🌼 The Little Daisy Dress
Somehow I already have envisioned the pattern in mind when I set my eyes on this fabric. The little white daisies over a sea of mustard yellow, just perfect for a vintage dress with a petite collar.

It turned out fine. She loved it the minute she saw this new dress.

Lace all around the waist, perfect match with the collar and the big white buttons on the back. I used a loop button design here so I can easily adjust the buttons as she grows bigger.

🍒 The Red Polkadot Dress
The last piece and my personal favorite, as this is my childhood dream dress. I saw this on one of the Japanese cartoon series but back then we did not had the luxury of window shopping nor tailor made dress for children. 

Here it is, cherry red Polkadot with a tiny collar, perfect for a fine little lady. 

I added some lace on the shoulder straps and handmade buttons on the collars following readers' comments. Those buttons were made using the handmade kit from Daiso, the RM5 shop.

Couldn't wait to let her wear them all, but resist, I must, or I'll be breaking the CNY tradition. 

So, tell me, which of the 3 dresses are your favorite? :)

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