Saturday, February 27, 2016

Home Garden Makeover, Part 2

Let's confess, I was a total dummy in gardening. Our garden was designed by hubby when we first moved in and maintained by our helper, over the time as we got tied up with work and the helper had subsequently returned to her home country, the garden was silently neglected, hardly attended to.

Until I took half a year off for career break and decided to revive the garden, after 3 months of hard work, it is now at a stage that I am pretty satisfied with,. No doubt there is still more room for enhancements, but I can at least mark the remake as "completed" for now.. until phase 2 begin.

Here are the before & after..


The side garden, shady and most plants can't survive due to lack of sunlight.

The corner of the garden with all day sunshine. we had some greens but not in the best state.

Change in progress... added garden tiles to give the kiddos more running & cycling space.


The result after numerous visits to the nurseries and trial & errors, with learning from books and forums on gardening.

The Side Garden
Being shady makes the side garden ideal for growing Amaryllis, Anthuriums and coleus, plants that could not withstand full sun.

The angelonia I saved from a single cutting is growing beautifully in this broken vase. 

The mini roses

The handmade fairy door by hubby, inspiration from Alice in the Wonderland.

More greens added around the fish ponds so the duckies are not so lonely.

The Corner 
View from dinning area. This cornermakes a perfect spot for roses, iris, angelonia, purslanes & edible garden. Used to be full of ferns and grass, this corner is now bursting of life and colors.

The small vegetable garden, when I just got started with a simple raised bed.

3 months later.. boom! The pumpkin even crawled up the frangipani tree! :)

The Backyard

There was really nothing much in the beginning, just an empty space with 2 palm trees. Now I can finally enjoy cooking with a view..

The Front Yard

I did not take any picture of before as it was just plain boring. But now it's dressed wkth blooms daily from the beautiful Rueilla, Coccus and purslane.

Gardening is simply therapeutic and rewarding. Don't take my word, try it yourself! ;)


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