Sunday, February 7, 2016

{CNY Special} Petite Spring Dresses & Cheongsum

It's Chinese New Year eve... I thought I won't have time to sew this year as I have started new job and time is always on shortage after E started formal schooling. Well, I was wrong. By spending 30 minutes aside every alternate nights, or as and whenever I can, I actually managed to make 3 new spring dresses for my girl.. I'm pretty happy with the outcome as these were all designed with heart and love..

Happy Kitty Dress in Pink
A modern Cheongsum with traditional knot button in sweet pink kitty fabric. It's a premium US designer fabric by Michael Miller that I bought 2 years ago, glad I've given it a new life and it's my little girl's favorite (she likes everything pink and kitty ;)

The Little Roses Dress
This dress is made with 2 fat quarters that was sold as a set. I've kept them in the shelve for the longest time as I could not decide what to make with it then, but when I saw it during the recent spring cleaning, inspiration just hit, hence the birth of this dress. C looks so so sweet in it and it reminds me of my rose garden.

The Little Denim Dress
This soft denim has lots of little stars, just like the clear blue skies full of starlights that we saw while driving along Nepal, New Zealand. I have enough left over if this fabric and intend to make a summer shirt for E... Well, when time allows.

It has a stretchable back that allows C to put it on and off easily. 

That's all the "Made by PH" series this CNY, genuinely designed and made by me and I just hope my little girl will appreciate all these mommy-made when she grows up one day. 

Happy Chinese New Year and happy holiday to all! 


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