Friday, April 8, 2016

{Made by PH} Little Lemony Dress

C has been asking me for new dresses and persistently remind me every alternate days to make sure I do not forget.

"I want 2 dresses.. No, 3!"

"I want them in purple, yellow and blue... And pink too!"

"Please, Mommy, please... Where is my new dress?"

"Mommy, you said you will make the dress for me? What took you so long?"

Alright, alright.. I surrendered finally. So here it is, the new lemony dress for my little bubbly (and I know I still "owe" her a couples of dresses...) 

A happy dress for a happy girl. 

She absolutely loves it (and me too). Been dancing in it the entire morning, and the dress blends so well with the garden.. My lemon tree may be still little, but I have full ripe lemons dancing in my garden. Lol.

She loves tending to my plants... and I love watching her.

It's a really simple cutting and easy to wear on as no buttons involved. This is a pattern suitable for newbie in sewing.

I purchased this pattern, Glass Onion Top, months ago from Shwin Designs but had not find time to make it until today. The pattern is available in size 2T-8T (one of the easiest patterns ever, literally!) and I managed to complete the entire dress in 2 hour, from cutting to sewing (excluding ironing if you must know ;-). 

Now that the dress is completed and gardening chores all done, I can sit back and relax... Chilling with a cup of latte while watching the kiddos play in the garden. That's my kind of perfect weekend.

Happy weekend peeps!


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