Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Little Bunny Learns to Play... Piano!

C has been watching the elder brother practicing his piano at home, in piano class, and occasionally she likes to disturb him just to annoy him; like tapping his keys, turning off the power supply... Cheeky girl, she is.

She had never shown interest in learning piano, despite I have asked her few times, she always just shook her head and walks away.

Until last week.

C suddenly asked me.. "Mommy, why only koko (the brother) gets to go piano class, why I don't get to learn piano?"

"You like piano too?"

"YES! I want to play by myself!"

So we took her for a trial class at the same music center, I can tell that she was excited. Kept rushing us to leave the home ("Quick, mommy! I am going to be late for my class!"), greeted the teacher upon arrival (she is usually very shy) and I noticed she was holding the hands at all time - sign of nervous or excited.

To my pleasant surprise, my cheeky girl who has short attention span sometimes, listened attentively to all the instructions and performed everything as the music teacher told her. Tapping her fingers (do-re-mi-fa-so), counting the notes (semi-breve, minim, crochet)... She did all as requested and even memorized bass claf and treble claf. 

Well done, girl!

Now that we have signed her up for one term, let's hope her passion will not cease... *fingers crossed*

Second class, still on full attention mode, learnt her first song.

E started his first music lesson at the same age too - 4.5yo, and he is now preparing for his level 2 exam. He truly loves music and often plays the songs he heard on radio. Learning piano is not about getting the certificate, but there are much larger benefits than that.. You may read my earlier post here:

May the music always flows in your heart, my sweetest C.


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