Monday, May 30, 2016

It’s all about LEGO at UNIQLO!

This is a sponsored post by Uniqlo Malaysia and Nuffnang, however all opinions shared here are solely my own. ;-)

When I got to know that Nuffnang is hosting an event with
Uniqlo specially for moms and toddlers with the theme LEGO, I just could not resist but said “YES” to attend. I could never resist LEGO, the tiny bricks with endless possibilities to create. From cars to castles to houses and machineries, the duo and I would never get bored of it. Our home always have pieces of LEGO lying around.

Besides, I have always have a fond liking for Uniqlo’s apparels ever since they opened up their stores in Malaysia few years back. Their apparels are unique, fashionable, comfortable, affordable and the staffs are always ready to help. From sportswear (the AIRism is a must-have!), casual wear, office wear, winter wear to sleepwear, there is always something for the entire family. Just a week ago, I bought few pieces Star Wars T shirts for E and Liberty London summer dresses for C (these are just oh-too-sweet!), and a light weight UV protection jacket for myself too (love it!)

So, seriously, I could not think of a reason to say No.

>>>> OK, OK, let’s fast forward >>>>

I brought both E and C to the Lego building activities which was hosted at Uniqlo @ 1 Utama. After all the briefing and self-introduction to other participants, the siblings could not wait to get their hands on the blocks.

They truly enjoyed the Lego building activities, it was full of giggles and laughter when they put their machines to test. While they were keeping themselves busy with the blocks (with occasional help from the pretty lady from Block4Kidz, who patiently patroled all the 20+ kids around the tables), mommy got to enjoy shopping at the Uniqlo store, yippee! ;-)

The first activity was to build a 'paper crinkle' using the blocks provided, I left it to C to build it by herself, giving hints only when she seemed lost. The instruction booklet provided is actually pretty easy to understand, but could be a little challenging for a 4yo - she tend to skip step so really had to give some guide. 

Have you seen Snow White playing Lego blocks? lol.. Joke aside, I admired her concentration.  

On the other hand, it was a breeze for E with the windmill. After all, Lego is his all-time favorite and he aspires to be an engineer. ;-)

Team work time.. "You crinkle, I glue", E instructed the little sister.

The duo busy experimenting and showing off their machines to us..

More fun activities awaited them...

Finally, time to show off our shopping load!

E and C picked their own tops, the LEGO UT designs were cute and lovable that they had problem deciding (C was constantly distracted by the cute UTs at the Graphic T section!). They finally settled with tops of matching style after much debates, I too managed to get myself a pair of skinny jeans in khakis color, something I have always wanted. Skinny jeans are a must for any busy moms if you ask me, they are fuss-free (don’t even need to zip up!), stretchable & gives the instant stylish look.

The tops hand-picked by the duo. E really loves his tops, “makes me feel creative!”, he says.

The siblings wore their tops the very next day for their outing with little friends. E paired his T with a pair of jeans, while C decided to wear her tutu skirt as usual (my princess-wannabe..). When I asked to take a photo, they started to jump, kick & pose like action movie heroes, LOL. Love their matching sibling look!

This got to be my favourite photo of the day – rockers in the making. 

Thanks Uniqlo, Nuffnang Malaysia and Bricks4Kidz for hosting this fantastic event with free shopping vouchers & free LEGO blocks … what a perfect way to kick start the school holiday!

If you would like to own a piece of the LEGO wear (or STARWAR!), visit the nearest Uniqlo store near you, or check out more on Uniqlo’s Facebook page or simply visit their online store to start shopping now!

Happy holiday & happy shopping!


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