Friday, March 24, 2017

Fun Climbing @ Funtopia Courtyard

It's a short holiday week, big guy and I decided to take a day off and bring the duo for some fun time in town, since we only have a day to spare. I have been scouting around for some activities around town.. Kidzania, done that; jungle gym, many times; park & outdoor picnics, done N times; KLCC petroscience, done that; Farm in the city, checked; National science center, yep; Planetarium, that too; spaceship galatica? Yes yes; Aquaria, zoo, KL bird park, butterfly park, done done done done... so where else??

Finally, I stumbled accross a relatively new kids gym in town - Funtopia Courtyard @ SS15, Subang Jaya.

It's an indoor gym that offers lots of activities to burn the energy - climbing, hanging bridge, rope walk, giant slide... However, if your little one has fear of height, you may want to let him / her observe and warm up first before signing up.

The first sight is enough to wow them.

They began with the safety briefing and putting on the safety gears.

Next, the hanging bridge. It's about 3 storey high and can be intimidating for young kids, but both C and E did it with a smile. The last visit to Club Med had prepared them well.

Team work - they had to pull themselves from one end to the other using the "skate board".

The giant slide... For real adrenaline rush. E went first.

Followed by C with a whoosh..

You could repeat this as many rounds as you wish.. The kiddos simply love this!

There's non stop climbing...

More climb...

More climb...

Yup, and more!

Yet another climb!

When the 1 hour period is over, they headed over to this children play area which has no additional charge. Another 30 minutes here and they came out all smiling from cheek to cheek and all covered in sweat. If you have younger toddler who's too young for all the gym activities, this would be just perfect.

We ended the visit with a sumptuous meal at the Notty Nuri restaurant which is located one floor below Funtopia. Yum yum... Their BBQ ribs is no doubt the best in town!

The Location:
Jalan SS 15/4G, SS 15, 
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Operating hour: 10am-10pm

The Fees:
Weekdays: RM24/hour for all activities
Weekends & PH: RM34/hour for all activities 
Annual pass: RM350/year 

• minimum height 110cm and minimum weight 20kg (forgotten the maximum weight limit)
• You may opt for single activity too at lower fee, but I honestly don't find its worth it.
• checkout their website for any price change or special promotion.

That's all folks, zooming out for more fun time with my kiddos. Happy holiday!


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