Sunday, April 30, 2017

{Art Attack} DIY Painted Pots

Teachers Day is approaching (mid May) and I asked E what would he like to give to his teachers? He showed me his gardening book, "painted seed pots!", he proudly announced.

So we gathered some mini terra cotta pots from from the RM5 shop, Daiso, and started working on the painting with our Arcrylic paint. It was fun, really!

Proudly present.. Our creations!

Pineapple & Ladybug. The ladybug was created by accident (supposed to be watermelon) as E made the dots into circular shape instead of seed shape, so we decided to make some modification to it and turns out pretty cute!

Red watermelon, he's not very good with the brush yet so I added some whites to cover up.

Yellow watermelon, just some variety of watermelon :))

These are the materials we used:
• some terra cotta pots
• Arcrylic paints and some brushes
• color pallettes
• translucent spray paint (coating to ensure the pots stay waterproof)

Work in progress..

Almost there. I was doing QC to touch up on any imperfection while the duo had a tea break. :D

Final touch, the spray paint protects the paint and adds a glossy layer over the acrylic paint. Make sure you do the spray outdoor and wear a mask if you may, not recommend to let little ones handle this task.

Which is your favorite? ;-)

Honestly I can't quite decide. I like them all and we plan to make a couples more for ourselves.

Next we just have to fill up the pots with some rocks, soils and flower seeds, and wrap up as a pretty gift for their favorite teachers. 

Hopefully the teachers will like them as much as we do! <3


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