Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Teacher's Days! handmade specials..

I have always find teacher a noble profession. It's a job that requires lots of patience, passion and dedication (without any of these one may goes insane).

I'm glad I had caring teachers in my tender years who had guided me tirelessly and coached me both in studies as well as sports. My primary school days were filled with exciting adventures & wonderful memory, a large part of it was thanks to my teachers.

Anyway, it's Teacher's Day and I thought the teachers deserve appreciation from their students for the great effort. C has shown so much improvement in her study; she looks forward to going to school every morning and reading her new book to me whenever I'm home, what more could a mom ask for? :)  On the other hand, E is so fond of his school teachers, especially the science and computer teachers (they are his absolute favorites!). 

So when I suggested to make some DIY gifts for the teachers, the duo excitedly agreed.

Instead of a card, we decorated a "Thank You Bag" using plain brown bags and sharpies (I got the brown bags from Daiso for RM5.90 for a pack of 5). We then filled them up with our hand-painted flower pots & a packet of sunflower seeds. You can read about the making of the DIY hand-painted flower pots here.

Wa-la.. Done!

I especially like this blue hair boy by E :)
He still has few more bags to make as his school's celebration is scheduled on a later date.

As we ran short of the terracotta pots, I've bought some cute mugs as additional gifts. Hope the teachers like them as much as the painted pots. :D

We still have a few more brown bags to decorate (and I shall update this post once they are ready), but as of now, we just want to shout-out-loud...

"Happy Teacher's Day!"
to all the great teachers out there, thank you for the hard work!

If you are parents, I would encourage you to spare sometime to prepare something for your little one's well-deserving teachers too. Let's spread the love around and they may boomerang back to you in the most unexpected way. ;-)


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