Saturday, May 6, 2017

{Making of a Princess Dream} DIY Belle's Costume

We watched Disney's latest debut, Beauty and the Beast, in the theater lately and both C and I were captivated by Belle's gorgeous golden gown. So light, so dazzling.

So in attempt to construct a princess dream for my little girl, I gathered my tools and started cutting.

Here's the outcome, took me 3 weeks to complete it - well, I only managed to sew 1 or 2 hours a week, plus the embezzlement really took quite some time.

She's loving the dress. Made me the proudest mom on Earth :D

This is not a complete tutorial (pardon me but that is really extremely time consuming), it shall gives you a pretty good idea what you need and how to to re-create this dress.

The bodice. I used this light cotton for inner lining, need something breathable for our hot weather.

Exploring the effect of the front pleat.

Patience is what it takes. Needle by needle, pleat by pleat.

Almost there. The bottom skirt is actually a dress that I made for C when she was little, it's just perfect to be used as the bottom for the skirt by removing the elastic. Initially I wanted to make the dress longer, but on a second thought, this length is just nice for her without fear of tripping over the long edges.

Attaching the embezzlement was the most tedious part as I am not really good with hand-sewing, but since I can't find the right sparkly ribbon I wanted, I settled with these golden color embezzlement. 

Fit for a princess dress, don't they? ;-) 

C even helped to sew some of them *note: parental guide needed when using needle & thread* 

She was eagerly looking forward to wearing this dress. What can I say? It's totally worth it to see her proud smile and spontaneous dance move right after putting on the dress. I'm pretty sure today will be remembered forever by both of us.. :)

Be happy. Be merry. My Little Bell.

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