Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our Ang Pao Tree is Up! 红包树,迎新年!

Chinese New Year is only 2 weeks away, its time to dress up the house in happy and loud colors, in the spirit of CNY. Traditionally it is believe that the loud noises chase away the "Nian" monster, till today Chinese folks still carry the tradition of bursting fire crackers and wearing bright red during the new year.

So just like last year, instead of taking down the Christmas tree, I removed all the Christmas ornaments and replaced them with some handicraft Chinese New Year decoration:

Some oriental fans made from ang pao packets and wrapping paper,

fire crackers and some "gold nuggets" gotten from the CNY hampers.

Angpao lanterns made by my little boy..

Our CNY tree glowing under the morning sunshine...

I have the feeling this will be a good new year..





看,我们红彤彤的红包树好啦,就等着迎新春。树上挂满自己手制的简易饰物 -- 用红包袋制成的扇子,小红炮,小哥哥的手工红包灯笼,和现有的“金银宝”。再加上个串着牡丹花的仿古木篮子和门口的一幅对联,新年气氛有够浓厚了吧!


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