Sunday, November 3, 2013

Grow a Plant: Home Grown Vegetables

Last August, little captain and I planted some sunflowers and till today he still remembers it. From that experience, he learnt the responsibility of caring after a life, and that sun, water and fresh air are essential for the living plants. You may read more about it here,

Now that I have some times at home, I decided to start planting some edible vegetables instead, on top of the herbs we already have. We can have some fresh veges and little one can learn a thing or two about gardening (not that I know a lot, but at least i am giving it a try..)

So here is the pot we used filled with some black soil (mixed with composed, bought from nursery). We loosened the soil with a spade, sprinkled some seeds randomly and watered sparingly.

Some of the seeds we got. Planning to get more pots once we have success in the baby Pak Choy.

Day 2.
Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Day 3.
After the evening rain the day before, we noticed a lot of saplings sprouting! The joy of new life. 

Day 4.
I re-planted some of the plants to give adequate space to grow, and added a layer of netting to protect them from birds  that are frequent patrons in our garden. Little one helped to water and search for stones to serve as weight for the net.

Day 7
They had grown slightly. Time to put some organic fertilizer...

In the meanwhile, I planted a pot of Kai Lan and some Salvia seeds in the garden too. Will these little plants survived and eventually grow into beautiful green veges or flowers? We certainly hope so!

Latest update on day 20 (+- 2 days), looking good, aren't they?

 Look up for more updates!

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