Thursday, April 10, 2014

{Contest} Stand Firm Stay Firm Photography Contest byShizens #StandFirmStayFirm

When I was invited to join the #StandFirmStayFirm photography contest by Shizens, a new upcoming Korean beauty products introduced to me by one of my best friends, I was overjoyed to see their tagline.

Stand Firm. Stay Firm.

What a strong and direct message to everyone.

I have always feel proud to be a woman, and most importantly, I feel good being me. Money, social status, success does not define me nor detect my happiness. I was often asked where did I find the time and energy to juggle between work, family, kids, chores & myself? It is only with the believe that, I can. I won't allow others to procrastinate my believe and destiny. 

I especially like these quotes and I thought are worth sharing...

Anyway.... I just want to invite you to join this photography contest that is opened to all the strong and firm ladies out there. Just share your best shots and tell the story of Stand Firm Stay Firm. 

The theme is Strong Emotions, Human & Feminine.  
The contest ends 30 April 2014, don't miss the deadline if you are interested! by the way, it's only opened to Malaysia and Singapore residents.

Want to know more? visit their website here
Or see what others have submitted here.

Here are some photos to inspire you.. (not by me, it's from their official website :)

There are 2 categories, one for the Photography Enthusiasts and one for the Mobile Photography, check out the exciting prizes they are offering...

I have yet to submit my entry, but good luck to whoever who is participating!

I have submitted my entry! Feel free to cast me a vote here, will you? ;)

Don't let the world change your smile, use your smile to change the world instead.
- Pui Hua


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