Saturday, April 5, 2014

{Repurpose} Halter Princess Dress from Maternity Dress 吊带小公主裙子

What did you do with your maternity dress? I had given away most of them, only left behind some that have obvious flaws, either with some torn corners or missing button, so I have been keeping them aside not knowing what to do with them... Till I finally find the inspiration to repurpose one of them.

Here's the first piece. I made into a halter princess dress for my little bunny. 

Looking oh so lovely on her, isn't it? She wouldn't let me take off her.

The halter back design, easily adjustable length. I got the idea from her daddy's tie :)

Look! Even her little bunny gets a new dress too.. Nothing is gone to waste, not even the fabric scrap.

And this is how the original dress once looks like. The very pregnant me with my best friend.

I love the new dress, and love that she is now wearing a piece that once belongs to me, somehow it gave me a satisfied feeling. 

Hope this gives you some inspiration too!

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