Saturday, June 7, 2014

{Smart Toy} Animal Safari, make Stacking Fun!

This is one game that almost any boys or girls will like, stacking the wooden animals vertically and ensure nobody falls. I got this as a birthday present for a little boy and he was hooked onto it instantly. The one good thing is, this game can be played solo or as a team game with 2 or more friends. 

It comes with 8 pairs of animals and a special dice - lion, ostrich, monkey, elephant, hippo, crocodile and zebra. You can opt to it towers style (throw the dize and stack the selected animal onto the tower) or free style (stack the animals in the most challenging ways you can imagine)

Tower style. My little handsome so focused on balancing his monkey.

Go free style and be creative, stack side ways instead. 

Or up the challenge, stack them up in a pair.

For my little girl, I simplify the game by asking her to find the same pair of animals. So nobody is left out. :)

Easy storage, one A4 size box to fit all.

Instruction is at the back.

Interested? You can get this from any Popular bookstores nationwide. It cost RM89 per box at the time of purchase (or was it RM99? Arrggghh.. pardon my dory memory..)

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