Saturday, May 31, 2014

{Art and Craft} Kid's Art Placemats

We had quite a lot of art work at home proudly done by my duo, either from their preschool art classes (they have really creative & encouraging teachers!) or when we do painting at home. I placed their artwork on shelves, on the wall, in storage boxes, and finally I thought of a new idea.. Why not make them into placemats that we can admire everyday as we dine? Just had to send them to the stationerary shop for lamination and pay a small fee. 

They are colorful, vibrant, and most importantly, are their lovely work.

I made them double sided. More economical and offers more fresh views. :)

For the Mother's Day cards they made for me, I cut them into half and have them sealed as back to back.

Now storage is no longer a problem. High 5!

My duo were so happy when I showed them their 'new' placemats designed by them. So, why not surprise your little ones today?

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