Friday, July 11, 2014

{Made by PH} Dungarees Duo for my Duo

I have not been sewing for a while, my machine had been quietly collecting dust due to my busy schedule at work and at home. 

Finally, I got my inspiration when teaching my boy about Germany (in conjunction with World Cup fever!), he learnt about where Germany located on the world map (using our little globe), the culture and cuisin of Germany (using the iPad), and when I saw the traditional boy Dungaree for the German,I immediately fell in love. I knew I had to make one for my boy. The thought of  making him a Dungaree (or more accurately, a suspended pants) had been lingering on but I just had no time to sew at all... Till last night, the duo gone to bed early and I snatched the time to sew. I wanted a matching pair this time, in continuation with the me & mini me series..

These are the outcomes of my spontaneous designs. 

The Dungarees Duo.

My little handsome was so happy to put on his suspended pants the next morning, posing confidently  with his golden football.

Looking smart while practising his piano. I added buckles for the shoulder straps so the length is adjustable.

Notice a strip of star ribbons in the front of the pants? big guy thought it's a little girly but I don't care. The designer makes the call. >;) this is the first time I installed  snap buttons. They are really handy and I love that rustic look with these buttons!

My princess C was delighted to woke to to this new Dungaree dress too. Obediently let me wore it on for her and posed with her pink teddy..

Couldn't stop admiring herself in the mirror reflection..

While I quietly admired her cuteness..

I added the leafy pattern on the front pocket. Thought it breaks the monotonous of the dress pattern.

Allow me to show off the neat finishing on the back. I added elastic band for the waist so it fits perfectly . 

With just 2 yards of the corduroy fabric, some tools and a trusted mac, these 2 pieces cost me only a fraction of what I would have to pay if buy from kids boutique.

For anyone interested, this is the toolset I used for making the snap buttons. Lucky big guy helped as I'm really not good with hammer. *blush*

Perhaps, I shall sew more often. It makes me really really happy & feeling accomplished. 

What do you think I should sew next? *thinking hard again*

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