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Family Trip to Western Europe... It all began with the Sound of Music!

 •  Germany •  Austria •  Switzerland •  France 
• 2 adults • 2 kinder • 
• 4 countries • 8 cities • 
• 13 towns • 17 days • 
• 25 flight hours • 1 car •  
One Amazing Adventure

Highlights of the Itinerary:

Frankfurt - Würzburg - Rothenburg - Füssen - Munich - Salzburg (by train)  

4 Days Swiss Cities 
Salzburg - Zürich (by flight)  - Basel - Luzerne -  Mt Rigi - Schaffhausen Rhein Falls

3 Daya French Alsace Region
Basel - Colmar - Kayserberg - Riqiwhir - Rebeauville - Selestat 

4 Days Black Forrest
Basel - Frieberg - Titisee - Triberg - Gengenbach - Strasbough - Frankfurt  

Fun With Little Ones: Western Germany Family Trip summarised in a Map

It All Began... with the Sound of Music. We watched this classic musical movie with our little ones one night, and since that night they fell in love with the Von Trapp's children and the beautiful songs in the show; and we had been watching the The Sound of Music video clip on the YouTube almost every night. That's why I made the Edelwise dress and Dungaree Duo for my little ones, inspired by Sound of Music.

Since big guy and I were making plan for our family vacation, Salzburg, the homeland for Sound of Music, came to mind. So we pulled out MAS website, opened their flight world map and picked an Europe city with the lowest airfare. So, Frankfurt it was!

From Kuala Lumpur to Frankfurt, in the Summer of 2014

Our family of 4 arrived at Frankfurt early morning on our Malaysian carrier. Right before boarding we received the news that a MAS flight had been shot down in Russia with 298 people on board. What a saddening and worrying news right before our journey began. We prayed for the poor souls on that unfortunate flight and also for safety of our own, later only we found out that was indeed our MH17, the tragic flight... May God bless all the pour souls and their family. 

Anyway, we landed safely after 12h05min flight, direct from KLIA to Frankfurt airport. The duo were so well behaved, and thank goodness it's a midnight flight so they slept through 2/3 of the journey, the rest of the time I just kept them occupied with food, coloring and playing.

The weather in Frankfurt was great, 18°c at 6:30am. The Frankfurt airport was clean and an efficient one. Plenty of car rental companies to choose form, water drinking stations, toilettes and vending machines. After collecting our car and got a free upgrade from sedan to an Opel wagon, our journey via the famous Romantic Road begins!  

Woo Hoo! 

Little ones couldn't concealed their excitement, so our road trip was filled with songs and laughter.

Something to note for Traveling by Car in Europe..

• make sure you get the car with right spec and sufficient boot space for Luggaes. We rented our car with Europcar and it came with a booster seat and a child seat (which is mandatory in most Europe cities). Lucky for us we got the brand new seats and free upgrade to an Opel station wagon! The Opel was spacious and comfortably fit us all and the 2 luggages. 

• You may opt to rent the GPS unit, but for us we downloaded the Europe maps onto the smartphone before the trip, so it saved us on renting a separate GPS unit. However the next car we drove came with built in GPS, so again, do check the car specs. 

• Germany and many Europe countries are left hand drive and and drive on the right lane. Besides most drivers on Germany expressway really speed (above 140kph or more), so it is a point to consider if you want to travel by car.

Here's our handsome car that traveled thousands of miles with us..

Bavaria, here we come!!

Refer to our travel journal for each of the fantastic cities...

3 Days Romantic Bavaria (ready for viewing!)
3 Days Magical Austria (ready for viewing!)
4 Days Swiss Cities (Coming soon)
3 Days French Alsace Region (Coming soon)
4 Days Black Forrest (Coming soon)

Basic German

Most Germans that we met outside the city hardly speak English, so knowing some basic German does help us to get around and order our food.

Food & Beverages
  • Kaffee / Tee - coffee / tea
  • bier / wein - beer / wine
  • Milch - milk
  • Wasser - water
  • Essen - food
  • Apfelsaft - apple juice
  • orangesaft - orange juice
  • Garnellen - prawns 
  • Gemüsa - vegetables
  • Katoffle - potato
  • Edbeere - strawberry
  • Brot - bread

Common Nouns 
  • Ja / Nein - yes / no
  • Gut / Nitch Gut - good / no good
  • Hallo - hello
  • Danke - thank you
  • Bittesen - excuse me
  • Kind / kinder - child/children
  • Herren / Daman - Gents / Ladies
  • Enfarth - entrance 
  • Ausfarth - exit 

J - pronouns as "Y"

Having headache what to bring when travelling abroad with little ones? Check out our Ultimate Travel Checklist now! ;)

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