Saturday, August 16, 2014

{Random Art} Flying Colors

It's raining, the weekend swimming class had to be called off and kiddos were so bored while I was busy in the kitchen. How to keep them occupied and lift up their mood?

Then I saw the bottles I bought for my cookies decoration awhile ago, and an idea struck.  

"Flying Colors", I told him, "we are going to make the colors fly today."

"I'm not interested.", he said with such bored looking face as if it's my fault it rained. 

I ignored him and proceed to bring out the fondant coloring kit in my kitchen drawers.

He lifted his eyebrow, "what do you need that for?"

"Would you like to help me squirt some color into the bottle?"

"Sure, maybe I will just give it a try.."

That moment onward, he was doing everything with excitement. From the moody sour face, my little boy transformed into little bubbly angel who was smiling all the way.

What did it cost me?

  • few drops of food coloring
  • few sauce bottles
  • a long roll of paper
  • some old newspapers (to protect the floor from overflow of watercolor)

1. mix the food coloring with some water, shake well and put few drops of colors onto a large piece of paper. Make sure you put newspaper underneath.

2. Start blowing the color from any direction, and watch the it "flies".. We even did color racing - see which one travels the furthest.

3. Then, we experience with color mixing. I just couldn't held them back from squirting more colors before I finished spelling out the instruction.

Blow blow blow, watch the color flies! 

My little bunny enjoyed squirting drops of color instead of following my suggestion. I'm totally fine with that, I love her beautiful mess. :)

Ta-da, their masterpiece is done!

It may be a cheap play but it sure made the kids very, very happy, and I get to work in the kitchen, uninterrupted. So it's a Win-Win for us, home alone with kiddos are not so scary after all. :)

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