Sunday, August 24, 2014

{Tutorial} Repurposed Shirt for Little Boy

It's raining again (that's what happen when you live in tropical country, it's either too hot or too wet!), our plan to go picnic at the playground had to cancel. While the kiddos were having a nap I decided to take the chance to do a quick repurpose project with my pile of old clothes.

I managed to transform one of my working cloths into a new shirt for my little handsome. Looking smart, ain't him? :)

Let's take a closer look. 

I really like the fine blue lines on this shirt which gives it a rather gentleman look.  I wanted to change the buttons to something more playful, but the lazy bug got onto me, so I'll just do it some other time... 

The good thing of using an existing shirt is that half the job is done for you, especially the seams. So in total it only took me about 30 minutes to complete the entire shirt. The collars, button holes and sleeves are from the existing shirt, basically I just shrunk the shirt few size smaller. 

Keen to make one too? Here's the simple tutorial.. but before you begin, make sure you have the following ready:

• a sewing machine
• a pair of scissors
• some fabric pins
• a fabric pencil (for marking)
• an existing shirt of your little one as sample
• threads with matching color

1. Using an existing shirt belongs to the little one, lay it flat over your old cloth and  trace the edges. Make sure the shoulders are aligned (as shown is picture below). Allow about 1" for seam allowance for the sides and bottom.
2. Using same method, trace and cut the sleeve with 1" seam allowance for the top.

3. Using the extra piece that you have cut out, make a small pocket for the front. Pin on and sew the pocket onto either side of the front piece.

4. With the right side facing each other, pin the sleeve onto the shoulder hole. Sew along with a straight line.

5. Now turn it over, check that you've got the sleeve nicely connected. Then continue to work on the second sleeve.

6. Last step, double fold the edge of the shirt, use fabric pins to hold the folds in place, then sew along a straight line.

7. Finish off by hemming the necessary parts to avoid fray, and that's it, your little handsome's new shirt is done! 

Oh wait a minute, don't forget to sew on your own label if there is one. ;)

Now you may go ahead and admire your little handsome in your new creation that cost you absolutely nothing.  That's what I would call, satisfaction. *pad on own shoulder*

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