Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mad about Cheongsam 为旗袍而疯狂

This CNY I am absolutely in love with cheongsam. I designed and made few of them for my little girl with the existing stash of fabric I have. You won't believe how much fabric have I accumulated in just 1 year. Most of them were imported fabric directly purchased from US so uniqueness assured. *grinning in pride*

Anyway, why made instead of buying ready made? Well, I used premium cotton, breathable and comfortable to wear compare to brocade or synthetic fabric which looks good but really makes you sweat. Besides I can choose the fabric prints that is too my liking, I don't quite fancy those loud prints, I prefer something quiet but elegant, or cute and quirky... And most importantly, I get to make my own pattern & design. That's my favorite part. :)

So here are the Qi Pao I made..

Scalloped Qi Pao
This has got to be my favorite. From concept to pattern design to production, exactly how I envisioned it to be. Made of beautiful imported US fabric, Woodcut Garden in Pink by Paula Prass, with matching Chinese buttons. Love the scalloped collar & edges, guess I will make more dress for my little bunny with similar design after CNY.

The back, before I sewn the button.

Chicky Cheongsam
A modern design with lovely fabric which is made up by lots of.. Well, Chics. For that pretty chic in my life. :) another imported US fabric, Puffy Bird in Orange by Patty Young. Planning to make a matching top for my little handsome but inspiration has yet to hit..

Traditional Polkadot Cheongsam
The first prototype when testing out my pattern using a local cotton. Noticed the matching red polkadot buttons? I love stocking up pretty buttons, never know when they will come in useful for days like this.

From concept

To reality.

So, which is your favorite? :)

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  1. I love them all! Thanks for sharing!