Saturday, May 23, 2015

Clay Art Project with the Kids, Part 2

Finally, we are done with the clay art project.... (You may refer to part one on how we made the clay pieces hereWell, only some of them are done, but I can't wait to share as the remaining will have to wait till next weekend.

We applied multiple layers of acrylic colors directly onto the clay arts, diluted with a little bit of water. Started with plain color as the base, then slowly apply the different shade of green / red / brown. I let them apply the base coat while I elaborate with more details. What I learnt in my art class when I was 11 came really handy, not bad huh.

A little tree.

The little pea pod, I made this on my little boy's request and its actually my favorite among all.

Strawberries with different shaping technique. I like the first one better where I made the berry and leaf separately.

The acrylic paint we used for this project (this is a beginner set), got them from Popular book store but you can always get them from art supplies shop such as Art Friends, Spotlight or any major stationary shops. 

Acrylic dries up pretty quickly so you may want to squirt only a small amount each time so you don't have to waste them.

I worked on my cake runner, I find that this way allow me to manage easier without getting my fingers too messy (I put a layer of paper over the cake runner so it's easier to cleanup).

That's it, our easy peasy weekend art & craft lesson at home, and the kids are begging me to do this again next week. :)

Keep calm, and craft on

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