Saturday, May 23, 2015

Clay Art Project with the Kids, Part 1

Big Guy came home with a packet of white clay and modeling tool. Yeah, time to get creative! Since its white clay, we decided to mold them first before painting them (I have a box of acrylic paint that had been waiting to be summoned...)

The next morning, after we had our simple breakie the duo just could not wait to get started on their clay craft project, the opened the packet of clay right away! So the 4 of us (daddy could not resist the fun too!) spent the next hour molding, rolling and shaping... and look what we came out with!

Little E designed a dice, sword, yatch and a leaf; he also made a hut after seeing mine, love the little "buttons" he added onto his little hut.

Zoom in on the dice. 

I designed the huts and little pea...

Some strawberries too. Hopefully they turn out nicer after coloring.

Big Guy was more artsy than any of us.. A lone man.

Little C was a little... undecided. She was busy, no doubt, very busy working along side us, but in the end she seemed to enjoy cutting more than moulding... LOL. Anyway, we thought that it's alright, as long as she enjoyed and we all had some jolly good time together.

We left the completed clay pieces in the oven on high heat (220°c) for about 30 minutes until they are all dried. Coloring shall begin the next day...

Clay project is really simple, all you need is some clay (obviously! You can buy the colored ones too from stationery shop) and some modeling tools. No special cleaning tool required, just water and soap will do.

So go on, have fun with your little ones!

Stay tuned for the next post on the colored projects... ;)

Updated, here comes Part 2!

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