Saturday, May 2, 2015

{Tutorial} DIY Fabric Pencil Pouch

Little E is in his final of preschool now before he enters the primary one, which signals the beginning of formal education. I decided to make him a fun pencil pouch before things get formal.

So here it is, a really simple 1 hour pencil pouch with a wide opening that allows it to fit almost every bring. Pencils, sharpener, erasers, rulers, scissors, glue stick.... I picked these little sleepy owl fabric among the box of fabric scraps.

Added a handy handle. 

Also an internal pocket for keeping his notes (somehow he likes to write secret notes and keep inside his pencil case, so I thought this comes handy)

My handsome absolutely loving his new pencil case, loaded with all his stuff right away and ran off to show off to his daddy. Easily pleased, he is. :)

Interested to make one? Here's a simple tutorial.

The Making:

1. Begin with fabric selection. You just need:
• a piece of cute cotton fabric
• a backing cotton (in dark color preferred)
• a piece of batting for bag and
• a good quality zip, approx 18cm.

Fabric Measurement is approximately 16cm x 16cm, you can vary according to your preferred size. 

2. Iron the batting onto the wrong size of the top fabric until it glued on tightly, then sew all 3 pieces together to hold them in place (see pic below)

Using a small rectangular fabric, sew into a 10cm long piping to be used as side handle.

3. If you would like to add an internal pocket, sew it on with a straight line in the middle, as per the red dotted line indicated below. (DO NOT ATTACH handle at this stage, I made a mistake)

4. Time to attach the zip. Keep the zip UNZIPPED, then pin it onto both side of the fabric opening. Right side of the zip shall be facing the right size of the top fabric.

5. Now, sew along the edge carefully on the inner size (wrong side) of the fabric.

6. Turn the almost done pouch to the right side, now change the pressie foot to a Zipper foot and sew it as close as possible to the edge of the zip.

7. That's it, your pouch is done. Just hem the seams with zigzag stitches or binding tape for a neat finishing.

Finally, don't forget to spray a thin layer of fabric protector on the exterior and interior of the newly completed pencil pouch to prevent dust and dirt. Start loading it up right away with all your stationery (or why not make up pencils and brushes? ;)  

The making in one picture:

Easy peasy weekend project!

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