Saturday, June 13, 2015

{Book Review} Cloudette, the small cumulus with big heart!

Does your kiddo often feel tiny, and that you wish you could encourage them more? This is one cute book that fits a preschooler whom you think need a little encouragement, or just to share laughter over a good read.

Cloudette, by Tom Lichtenheld

Cloudette is a small cloud, much smaller than the average clouds and he often wish he could do something big and important like the rest, such as watering the crop, making waterfall falls, helping at the fire station etc.... But he often got turn down (despite politely) that he's just too small for such big task.

Until... He came across a small pond that has dried up and he thought he could help the tiny froggie... And he DID!

This is how he pushed himself...

He's well liked by every cloud and they gave him really cute nicknames..

This is by far my little girl's favorite book, she just kept on telling the daddy about this book and describing how cute Cloudette is (and not knowing the fact that she too is darn cute! Lol)

What I Like about this Book? 
Little ones often feel little, because of their size and height. Adults may appear like giant next to them and fully able to do things that just seem impossible for them. But seriously, being small doesn't mean they can't help up, they too want to feel big & important. Assign them small task that makes them feel useful, such as setup the dining table, fold a hanky, throw the rubbish etc... and you can read them this cute little book too..

You can find more about Cloudette here on Tom Lichtenheld's homepage

Or read the reviews & buy it here, I got ours through Scholarstic which is only a fraction of the online price shown here..

Guess what? I even found an audio book on the YouTube, check it out to decide if you like it!

Now, go go go and get your copy of Clouddete today...

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