Sunday, June 7, 2015

{Art & Craft} Clay Fairy Houses

It's our weekend art attack time, or as the duo called it,  Dirty Hands Time, as all of us ended with really dirty fingers & palms covered in paint. Lol, but the duo really loved it.

Here's our artwork of the day.. Instead of the original plan to make a castle, we decided to make some colorful fairy houses. 

Before painting, the naked clay houses, I dried them up in the oven at 120°c for about 30 minutes.

Freshly painted with acrylic paint. Aren't they looking adorable? 

My favorite -- the Tree House, got my inspiration from the hundred acres wood. Little C thought that it looks spooky although she still likes it.

The mushroom house, both kiddos' favorite!

The colorful fairy house, added brick effect on the roof and doors, quite happy with the outcome. I was having beautiful Santorini houses in mind when moulding these. 

Little C was so curios with these tiny houses, taking picture of the houses uninterrupted was quite impossible with her around...

We made some apples & carrot with the left over clay.. Just for fun and these made perfect project for little C, easy to handle with plain colors.

It was an enjoyable & peaceful afternoon, together we completed the painting in 1.5 hours, right before we got ready for the evening fun - the Swiss Dream Circus!

If you would like to do some clay art projects with your kiddos, this post summarized how we started and the tools/materials needed -- Clay Art Project with Little Ones

Keep calm & get creative! 

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