Monday, August 31, 2015

{Made by PH} Ballerina Princess Dress for little C

I could not quite remember when was the last time I sew, my duo's closets are pretty full with mommy's handmades and I had been really busy with many other things that my poor machine was collecting dust. I just did not had a strong desire nor reason to sew.

But I was sleepless last night, no matter how I tossed and turned I just could not fell asleep. So I decided it's time to visit my little mac. 

The outcome? My little girl has another new dress.

It took me about 2 hours, converting my way-too-skinny singlet top to the bodice, and the chiffon gold fabric into her ballerina skirt. I really love this Royal gold color. Looking stunning under the sun.

Added a small cape to make it princess-like. Little C loves everything princess-ty ever since she watched Frozen. Princess Elsa is her all time favorite.. and I guess millions of little girls' favorite too.

The golden buttons are put to good use finally. I really had no idea what to used them for previously..

Little C is having her very first ballet trial class this week and she is so looking forward to it, she insists to practice dancing with me at home through YouTube's guide (mind you, she is only 3.5yo but has a determination of a 35yo!)

I hope this is a pleasant surprise for her to show how mommy supports her. :)

What you need to replicate this project? The materials are as in pic below, plus some threads, a pair of scissors and 2 buttons to buckle on the cape. 

Finally my skinny top has found a new purpose. :)

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