Wednesday, August 12, 2015

{Product Review} Althea, one cool Online Korea Beauty Shop!

Most of you should know by now that I am not a fashion nor beauty blogger. I am a fulltime working mom a.k.a. FTWM with 2 little ones who run food & parenting blogs on my spare time to share many creative & fun ideas that I though are worth sharing. 

While I need to juggle my time between work, family and ensuring I spend quality time with the kiddos, I have really limited "ME" time. However, that is no excuse to not to take good care of myself. It's every woman's right to feel good and feel pretty.

However, I find it tough to shop for beauty products, as I hardly go windowshopping  and I could not trust the authenticity of the products on sale with those unknown online stores. But now I have discovered Althea, the new online stores offering Korea beauty product straight from Korea. How I know I could trust them? A closed friend of mine in the beauty line assured me as she knows them in person. She also informed that they have the lowest prices. So out of curiosity, I checked out their website and now I'm hooked!

After having placed and received my first order, I shall share with you what I like about Althea.

• I like how they bubble wrapped each and every item, and carefully place papers around the boxes to further protect all the fragile products.

• I like their promises - printed on their website and on the lovely pink box. Free shipping for purchase above RM150 and unconditional return in 30 days!

• I like that they kept all the original product packaging so it feels complete. I have been eyeing for a good foundation and review has it that Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control SPF 50++ is one of the best that is long lasting and non sticking. We shall see :)

Treat for my tired eyes... Petitfeé Gold EFG Eye & Spot Patch Mask. Couldn't wait to try this one!

I also got a jar of the 92% Aloe Vera Soothing gel which is suitable for sensitive skin. When I got them for RM22 a jar in Taipei city I thought that was a super good deal, until I came to know Althea!

• I like the prompt delivery and they kept you informed on the progress. Despite being shipped direct from Korea, the parcel arrived within 9 days from date of purchased. Their promise is within 10-15 days and that is reasonable for international shipping. As seen below, you can track your parcel online.

• I especially like the wide variety of choices on their website and the easy menu for navigation. If you are lucky you may even grab one or two of their limited time offer items!

• Last but not least, I really like their prices. Look at how much I paid for these items? All of them came with a pretty handsome discount! I have compared with other websites and a beauty chain store, they have the best price indeed just as they promised.

Now that I have tested their portal & service reliability, I could not wait to place my next order for their latest arrival! 

*just submitted my second order, yay!*

Why am I sharing this on a parenting blog? Simply because I believe that.... Every Mothers deserved to be pretty too! ❤️❤️

Now, go and check out Althea today...



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