Monday, August 3, 2015

Volcano Day!

The duo is fascinated over volcano, influenced by the junior encyclopedic that I've been reading with them. Since I'm now having much free time as I had began my career break, I decided to surprise them with a man made volcano... It's so easy & so much fun to make with the kiddos!

What you need:
• an empty bottle (or a kid's cup)
• a large tray (to hold the "larva")
• aluminum foil
• red food coloring 
• Soda powder / soda bicarbonate 
• vinegar - used the cheapest on shelf will do

Psss.... In case you noticed some differences in the pictures below, that's because our first experiment failed. I used baking soda instead of soda powder! Failed experiment gave a learning point too. ;)

First, we setup the volcano with the aluminum foil.

Next, added the soda powder.

Then, some red coloring.

Now, vinegar... And watch it explodes!

Little C started screaming..

"Volcano!", she yelled.

"Run for your life!!", screamed a villager.

Now, go try it with your little scientist wanna be. It's a simple experiment that cost less than RM5 but the little ones will super love you for it! 

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