Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's Snow White in the House

Little C has been asking for a Snow White dress ever since the teacher in the kindie introduced them to children fairy tales. 

"Mommy, can I be Snow White for the Halloween party?", she asked me one day.

I had not decided if we are participating in the party this year, but I figured I can still design her a princess dress since she was really eager for one. When she asked she had sparkles in her eyes, like those Manga comic girl. How could I say no to her?

It was my childhood dream to be a Disney princess, in fact I believe it is all girls' dream to be a princess, even just for a day? *smile* so I see no reason not to fulfill her wish.

I checked through my very neatly organized fabric shelves (that will be a new post for another day), and found few fabrics that look perfect to make a Snow White's dress. Luckily I'm a fabric hoarder. *laugh* 

After researching few princess dress patterns, I decided to design my own. Since I don't have any plain red fabric, I substituted with red ribbons instead. 

Here I present to you, Snow White, the simplified version. 
Another Made by PH.

Elastic back and shoulder straps making it easy for C to put on the dress by herself. 

She absolutely loved it...

Twirl and twirl..

Deeply in love with her new dress...

The hair clips I made for her and her little friends last week in gold and dark blue matches her dress perfectly! 

Glad you love it, my sweetie pie... ❤️

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