Friday, October 16, 2015

Let's Grow Vegetables!

We have given our garden a revamp recently and part of the garden was reserved for building an edible garden. So I thought it is a good chance to teach the duo about growing some vegetables and flowers, since they have been learning about Mother Earth (and always have tons of questions!) so the best way to learn is to experience it yourself..

They have been helping up in the garden on and off, but this time we will do it properly by maintaining a plant growth journal

After I havegathered the required materials, we started working right away, and I can't explain how excited they were when I asked them to help.. Both of them fighting for the gloves and watering can right away. *laugh*

Here's what we used:-
• organic soil / compost
• an empty egg tray
• a garden scope
• some seeds, fresh garlic or onion 

Why use egg tray? It is a recyclable material that will decompose itself without harming the environment. I will just cut the tray once they sprout and  plant directly into the soil. No waste, no additional cost, just extra nutrition.

This is how our nursery looks like. We have here some red onions, pumpkin seeds, lime seeds, okra seeds, mini cucumber seed, cabbage seeds, thyme seeds and 2 sunflower seeds that were not labelled.

Step 1: Sow the seeds
Fill up each slot with soil, make a hole with your finger and drop about 1-2 seeds in each slot. Onion and garlic are among the most fail-proof vegetables to grow, just peel off the outer layer and drop it whole into the soil, ensure they are at least 1/2 covered in soil.

Step 2: Label them
Cover up with some soil then label the plant. This way we would not forget what we've planted. (Yes, it happened)

Step 3: Water them profusely.
Make sure the soil is all wet.

Next, just wait for them to germinate, they need an airy and shady place. I will remind the duo to water them daily, this shall be their responsibilities from now onwards.. 

It shall take about 3-7 days for first sprout to appear and I intend to get them to record the progress in a plant journal. So stay tuned for more update! 

Day 4- look who has popped? 

Cucumber, okra, pumpkin and few cabbages; even the shallots had grown roots too. The duo, especially E, were feeling excited as E has been watering the seedlings every morning.

The oregano and French beans that we sowed earlier are growing beautifully.  They sure love the sunshine and daily watering.

Look forward for more to germinate soon...

P/S: this is how our 2 week old garlic looks like, guess it is due for a "hair cut"..

What are you planting in your garden? Please share as I have a new found love in gardening!

[Updated] read our part 2 update  here!


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