Monday, November 23, 2015

Baby C's 4th Birthday Party

My bunny girl is 4, finally. She had grown so much in just a year, taller (6cm!), prettier (lossing her puffiness), so talkative  (so much so that I hope I can mute her sometimes) and also have developed a strong personality of her own. She knows very well what she likes or dislikes and is able to express her feeling clearly, so a typical day of me with the duo together is full of chats and laughter.

Anyway. She told me she likes pink. No mistake about it. So her birthday party theme this year is no other but, PINK.

Her Lovely Pink Teddy cake, fully decorated by me. You can read about the making here

She held pride in cutting her custom made birthday cake, wearing her pink princess dress made by mommy while the koko watched on *smile* 

You can read more about the making of this dress here (not tutorial, but the steps involved in making this dress) 

The felt bunting I made for her and she really really loved it, this bunting will be hung in her room once the party is over.

The feast of good food on the party day. We organized a simple potluck party inviting all the closed friends and their kiddos.

The apricot jelly that was really well received, the natural color is rather pleasing too (I would avoid using heavy coloring if possible since this is for kids)

I made the Devil's chicken wings on my BFF's request and they turned out to be a big hit. You can get the recipe on my food blog later (promise I will post them...)

The gifts we prepared for her little friends. Just some yummy treats in each bottle and enough to make the kids really happy. E helped to label all the names and C happily distributed to all her friends.

What is a party without some balloons? We had some polkadots balloons to spice up the party. The kids had a good balloon fight and all of them brought home a ballon each. These are just the leftovers. 

The girls sat down to enjoy their dessert after the lunch. All looking pretty in pink.

Then it's playtime.. 

Outdoor playtime... Tossing balls into the basket and winner took home a small prize. The kids were super excited with such a simple game. They would have played longer if not because of the drizzles.

Me & my designer cake *blush*. Taken the minutes before we cut it apart.

I dare say C was the happiest girl on Earth that day.... Surrounded by the people she loved and who loved her. Her smile lasted whole day.

The very thoughtful gifts and cards she received. One of which was from her grand aunt Kerry who has been sending her a card from Australia every year without fail. 

After the party, we surprised her with her new pink tricycle (yes, PINK again!), and took her for a ride at the park. Now the koko and her have a bike each, she has finally upgraded from her scooter. *smile*

Happy birthday, my pretty C. Thanks for bringing us so much joy & love, life is just so wonderful with you and koko around. Mommy love you, always and forever.


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